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Posts about RowUpdating written by taditdash. This is one interesting research resulting a Trick to Cancel the GridView Editing Mode, when you press the Escape Key. Many guys asked this question in forums and those are still unanswered. I want to obtain the new value of a cell in the gridview rowUpdating event: roles.RoleName = gvRoles.Rows[e.RowIndex].Cells[GetColumnIndexByName(row, 'RoleName')].Text; But the value is empty. I have checked e.NewValues which is an ordered Dictionary. It contains the new changed value. How do I retrieve the new values for update? aspx design is: We use the RowUpdating event of GridView to update the record in the database table. We get the Id value using the row index and another TextBox value is also retrieved. All updated values are passed to the Stored Procedure. protected void gvEmployee_RowUpdating(object sender, GridViewUpdateEventArgs e) { // C# public event OracleRowUpdatingEventHandler RowUpdating; Event Data. The event handler receives an OracleRowUpdatingEventArgs object which exposes the following properties containing information about the event. Command. The OracleCommand executed during the Update. ... FacebookTwitterLinkedInIn this article, we will learn how to use the RowUpdating event of GridView in Asp.Net using C# with an example. This example takes advantage of GridView control and perform edit and update operations on data and save the changed data in the database. In this article RowUpdating event in the GridView in Asp.Net using... » read more On RowUpdating protected void GridView1_RowUpdating( object sender, GridViewUpdateEventArgs e) Button btn = ( Button )GridView1.Rows[e.RowIndex].FindControl( 'btnupdate' ); protected void GridView1_RowUpdating(object sender, GridViewUpdateEventArgs e) Also verify that you have assign DataKey in gridview Permalink Posted 2-Mar-11 2:03am. soni uma. Rate this: Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Solution 2. Accept Solution Reject Solution. Hello, Please use this code in row updating event below.. ... Docs > .NET Framework API Reference > DevExpress.Web > ASPxGridView > Events > RowUpdating. All docs V 20.1. General Information.NET Subscription. Overview Common Tools. Project Converter Assembly Deployment Tool Localization Service Quality Assurance and Productivity ... I'm having trouble with the RowUpdating Method. My GridView is connected to our local SQL Server, and I'm trying to update the data. Here is the code for the RowUpdating Method from MSDN. protected void TaskGridView_RowUpdating(object sender, GridViewUpdateEventArgs e) { //Retrieve the table from the session object. Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained with an example, how to use the RowUpdating event of ASP.Net GridView control using C# and VB.Net. In order to illustrate this concept I will make use of an ASP.Net GridView control on which I’ll perform Edit and Update operations and save the updated data with the temporary DataTable. TAGs: ASP.Net

[Serial][UWDFF Alcubierre] Part 62

2020.09.22 08:05 PerilousPlatypus [Serial][UWDFF Alcubierre] Part 62

Beginning Previous
"This place is messed up," Lida said, her eyes on Rome as he attempted to walk a perimeter of the grey space around them.
Sana pulled the dog tags from Etienne Bonfil's neck and held them up in front of her, inspecting the etched admantine steel plaques before shoving them into her pocket along with the others. Sana laid a hand on Etienne's chest and then gave it a light thump before standing up beside Lida.
"Do you see? He's not moving right," Lida continued. "Been walking that way for over five minutes and still looks like he's on a few yards away."
Sana looked at Rome's progress and then nodded, "Yeah." She rubbed the palms of her hands against her thighs, as she slowly turned in a circle. "I can't even figure out where this place begins and ends. Just feels like we're in grey soup."
"What do you think this is?"
"Holding area. Place to keep things until they can be bothered to deal with them," Sana said.
"What do you think they want?"
"To 'assist us'."
Lida cast her a sidelong glance, "You really believe that?"
"I don't think it matters. We're not in control, so we'll just have to take it as it comes. There weren't a lot of options."
Rome came ambling back, a bewildered look on his face. "Feels like it took me five minutes to walk away and thirty seconds to walk back."
"It did," Lida said.
"Huh, well, at least I'm not crazy."
"I wouldn't go that far," Lida replied.
"Any clue on what's next?" Rome asked.
"Cap and I were just talking about that. Says the ball is in their court," Lida said.
Rome looked over at Sana, his eyes studiously avoiding the row of corpses. "They tell you anything worth knowing?"
Sana shook her head, "Nothing beyond what I've already covered. They said they'd help us. They did. They said they would arrive once we were situated. That's the part we're waiting on. Seems like a lot of hassle if--" Her words cut off as she squinted, looking over Rome and Lida's shoulders. "Okay, what the fuck is that?"
Rome and Lida turned in the direction Sana was looking. The grey soup had congealed and revealed a door, which now stood ajar. In the frame were three enormous beasts, their front halves lumbering sludge loosely formed into appendages rising up to meet massive torsos. They slimed forward and then moved to the side, revealing another form. The newcomer was a large orb perched atop a metallic platform with three legs that tapered down to points, giving it the vague appearance of a spider. The orb itself was sheathed in segmented metal, which wrapped around the orb save for a narrow slit around the equator. Pulses of light emanated from the slit. The entire contraption stood slightly over four feet tall, though it would be considerably taller if it stood on the tips of its legs.
The three-legged orb skittered forward, moving with surprising fluidity. Sana pushed between Rome and Lida, coming to stand in front of the creature, which now stood a few feet away. It paused.
Sana wasn't sure what to glower at. She decided on the slit of light. "Well? What the fuck do you want?"
The sheath of metal around the orb withdrew, melting down and into the carrying platform, revealing three swirls of what appeared to be corporeal light. Each was a different shade -- red, blue and yellow. The red seemed to dart to and fro, circling the tank with a jittery nervousness not displayed by the blue and yellow. Sana had no idea what to make of it.
"Greetings, Human. I am Bo'Bakka'Gah, Leader of the Remainers and Commander of the Peacekeepers." The voice emitted from the platform beneath the orb and had a dull monotone to it, as if it had been processed to filter out any emotional content. It wasn't quite robotic, but it decidedly foreign.
"Let's skip the pleasantries fish bowl and get to the real shit, we've both got each others' blood on our hands and I'm not looking to make friends. What do you want?" Sana replied, her eyes on the blue light thingie that seemed to move around the least.
"To be of assistance and to receive your assistance," Bo'Bakka'Gah replied. "The ramifications of our altercation are substantial. We will require coordination of all available resources in order to prolong the existence of organic life in this galaxy."
"Oh, well at least it is nothing major. Fuck me."
There was a pause. "There is a problem in the translation algorithm. Some utterances do not have a known equivalent. Idioms and other informal speech are less likely to be within the translation lexicon. It is difficult to parse your intent from your words."
Sana blinked. When she spoke, she used very small words and spoke them as distinctly as possible. "I. Want. To. Know. What. The. Fuck. Is. Going. On."
"We are under attack."
Sana threw up her hands, causing Bo'Bakka'Gah to skitter back a step. The red swirl darted about with even more urgency. "I can't tell if you're just playing mind games with me or what at this point. Of course you are under attack, we were the ones attacking you. See the row of bodies? That's no accident." She looked over at Lida for some help, "Is the walking aquarium making any sense to you? I'm getting ready to punch it."
"Mind if I..."
Sana swept a hand forward, "Be my guest."
"Who is attacking you?" Lida asked.
The blue swirl oriented toward Lida, though the red continued to dart around the tank. The yellow remained largely stationary in the rear of the orb. "The artificient."
Lida glanced at Sana, who shrugged. "Artificient?"
The three colors swirled among themselves before the blue returned. "It is the output of the Human weapon used upon Halcyon. A sentient artificial intelligence."
Sana spoke up now. "We don't know what the fuck you're talking about."
The lights swirled again. "This is unfortunate. Additional information would be of service to the preservation of organic life."
"Organic life?" Lida said.
"Yes. It is under threat."
"Whose? Ours?"
"All organic life that remains in the galaxy," Bo'Bakka'Gah replied. Rome let out a whistle beside Sana. The orb skittered slightly and faced Rome, the lights dancing. "We do not understand this utterance."
Sana waved a hand, "It doesn't matter. What does matter is you're saying you've got a big bad enemy and we aren't it?"
"Humanity is still an enemy of the Combine as you have guaranteed our destruction, but it is a second order concern in light of the appearance of an artificient."
"The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Something like that?" Lida asked.
"We aren't friends," Sana said.
Bo'Bakka'Gah considered this. "Agreed, it is different. It is that there is one primary enemy and all other conflicts are of lesser import. Any conflict between Humanity and the Combine became irrelevant once an artificient manifested. The conflict is now between organic and artificial life."
"And you want our help?" Lida asked.
"It is an existential threat. All assistance is in service to ourselves and each other. We cannot defeat the artificient, but its advancement may be slowed."
"Some real quitter shit right there, fish bowl," Sana said.
"We do not understand," Bo'Bakka'Gah replied.
"What Captain Bushida is saying is that we're fighters, and we don't like the idea of losing before we've even started. We've fought one of these artificients before, and we've won," Rome said.
"An artificient cannot be defeated," Bo'Bakka'Gah said.
"Yeah?" Sana asked. "Maybe you just need some Humans to get the job done."
"They are beyond--"
"Cool story, fish bowl. How about you just tell us what you need fucked up and we'll take care of the rest?" Sana interjected. "Then we can get back to fucking each other up."
"Some of these words have been lost in translation, but the context is sufficient to discern intent. You will accept a temporary alliance in service of organic life." Bo'Bakka'Gah said.
The three Humans nodded. "Mmm hmm," Sana said.
"And, should we achieve the impossible, we will return to our prior hostilities," Bo'Bakka'Gah continued.
"Then we are in agreement."
Sana nodded, "Great. I look forward to cracking your bowl one day soon."
"A fate we would gladly accept, as that will mean we have succeeded in defeating the artificient."
Sana turned and looked at Lida and Rome, "I like One Fish, Two Fish here."
"One Fish, Two Fish?" Lida said.
"Red Fish, Blue Fish," Rome finished.
"Yeah, fuck the yellow one," Sana replied.
Jack felt a buzz on his wrist. He ignored it, content to continue staring at the underside of the conference table he was laying beneath and wait for the end of the galaxy. Sooner or later, the cosmos would just put him out of his misery. He'd contemplated effecting an early departure, but never seemed to find the courage. There was always a rationalization for why he didn't do it. A belief that he couldn't repay his debt if he was dead. It was becoming abundantly clear that him being dead might be the best thing he could do for humanity.
Another buzz accompanied by a little ping. Urgent.
Jack snarled and reached down to his wrist and tried to yank the console off, his fingers grabbing at the latch on the side that affixed it to his arm. In his haste, he accepted the comm. A voice boomed out moments later. A familiar voice. One he didn't expect to hear.
"Jack, need your input--"
"Kai?" Jack broke in.
"I can't see him. The conference room is empty." A second voice said.
"Idara?" Jack said. He flailed about under the table, pushing the chairs aside so he could crawl out and poke his head up.
"He's...he's under the table," Idara said.
"Ah, he must be in a great mood," Kai said.
"W-w-what is going on?" Jack managed, stumbling past the overturned puke bucket and staring into the video screen. An image of Idara beside Kai appeared. Kai had bandages across his face and body and his right arm was covered in some sort of substance. "Are you okay?"
"Sounds like I should be asking you that," Kai replied. "We're up against it again--"
"The fucking psychopath destroyed the galaxy."
"There's still something--
"No, there isn't. You don't understand what's going on--"
Kai's posture changed, he straightened, his bandaged face turning to the camera, almost as if it could see him. "There are aspects of this situation that are beyond your understanding. The situation is dire, just as you state, but there remains options and agency, though both diminish as time passes. The artificient must not be allowed to again momentum. We must act rather than react. Our capacity to stall its progress will be contingent upon this conversation."
Jack gawked, flummoxed. Something was very different with his friend, beyond all of the visible injuries. Perhaps the head wound had granted him clairvoyance, it'd be in keeping with all of the other insanity ricocheting around the galaxy. "What is going on?"
"I have formed a neural bridge with an Overseer. We are two consciousnesses residing within a single neural structure," Kai said.
Some head wound. His friend was seriously inured. Jack looked at Idara, "Care to explain?"
Idara shook her head, "I'm not sure I can. All I can say is that I have spent the last fifteen minutes debating advanced warp physics with the Admiral and have learned more in that span of time than I did in the last fifteen years."
"He doesn't know--"
"He does now."
Kai shrugged, a smirk on his face. "Looks, charm and now brains. Lucky me."
"Fine. Then you know. Know what Joan did and why we can't do anything about it," Jack replied. His lip quivered and he took a breath as his hand reached out to steady himself. "She did it again. She did it again and it's my fault." Jack whispered, his voice barely audible.
Kai's smirk faded. "I know you're hurting. I get it, I really do, but I need you to find a way to put it on the shelf for a bit. As bad as it seems, it'll only get worse if I can't rely on you. We need you. Life or death."
Tears leaked out now, tumbling down the sides of Jack's face. "Everything I's all ash. You don't need me. I'm the problem, not the solution."
Kai's tone changed. "The greatest crucible for all civilizations is trying to survive and harness the things they create. All sentient face this challenge, and many fail it. It is impossible to contemplate all of the consequences that may stem from a foundational technology. Every new discovery is born from the discovery that preceded it, and the guilt and responsibility is a collective burden, not an individual one."
"Collective?" Jack spat the word. "I'm the one who built the Q Pro-VEMP. I'm the one who helped weaponize it. I'm the one who made this all happen."
"No. The Divinity Angelysia are," Kai replied.
Jack stopped, stupefied.
"You inhabit a galaxy that has been shaped by those that came before. By rules and laws and realities that bear the imprint of the Creators. Your perceived responsibility in this is overestimated. The opportunity to create this weapon would have never existed had the Creators not willed it."
" do you know?"
"Sol was placed beyond the sight of the Caretakers for a reason. There was intent in the action. Had we been aware of the events within Sol, Humanity would have been subjected to intervention once a quantum signature was discovered and exterminated once it approached the creation of an artificient."
"The Automics?" Jack asked.
"Correct. Humanity is the only known civilization to create and successfully destroy an artificient. It defies all precedent because such a precedent would never be given the chance to occur. Your weapon would was only necessary because Sol been placed under our supervision. Instead, it was placed beyond it. A decision for a purpose," Kai continued.
"What purpose?"
"The Cerebella is the keeper of such things. I am merely a conduit for her will."
"She is the one we must reach. We must explain what has transpired and how it has transpired. We must bring the history of Sol to her. We must bring Humanity to her."
"I do not know. I have gained much insight as a result of this shared consciousness, but there is much I do not understand. Humanity's history is beyond what I have known. It is an violation of many of the fundamental precepts that form my understanding of the galaxy. My suspicions are likely the same as yours, but I cannot say for certain. It is a very hard thing for me to contemplate."
"We released an artificient. We did the one thing the entire Combine was designed to prevent." Jack said.
Kai was quiet for a moment. "Was it?"
"Was it what?"
"Was it designed to prevent it?" Kai asked.
"That's what Xy and Zyy said."
Kai nodded, "Yes, this is orthodoxy. But there is a simple question that orthodoxy cannot answer."
Jack waited.
"If the Combine was designed to prevent this, then why did the Divinity Angelysia enable it? Why do the restricted zones exist? What possible purpose could they serve other than to undermine the purported goal of the Combine?"
"What are you saying?"
"I believe the orthodoxy is correct, but it has been misunderstood. The Combine was created to preserve organic life. To stall the advance of artificients."
"Because they cannot be defeated."
"But they can," Kai replied.
A warmer tone emerged, one full of empathy and courage and strength. "They can be defeated, Jack. We already did it. The Combine wasn't created to let us live, it was created to give us enough time to figure out how to fight back."
"Fight back?"
"Fight back." Kai's voice projected more forcefully, his charisma flowing through the screen and assaulting Jack's self doubt. "You saved us from them once before. That was just the trial run. We're gearing up for the real thing."
Jack licked his lips, sweat in his palms. "What do we need to do?"
"A lot. Quickly. Neeria can explain what needs to happen, but I need you and Idara on this."
"She's my cerebuddy. You've already met."
"Ah." Jack nodded, having already put two and two together. "She's smart."
"She has a top notch brain to work with." Kai adjusted in his bed. "So, you in?"
"Yeah, Kai, I'm in."
"Never doubted it."
Joan opened the message. She had been expecting it, and so no purpose in prolonging the affair. The Secretary General would offer his views and she would respond accordingly. She would prefer the interchange to occur in real time, but their current position eight light minutes away from Earth made that option untenable. She began to read the text on her personal wrist console, conscious of the people behind her in the Admiral's Bridge.
Joan -
I have received both your and Ambassador Mandela's recitations of the events since your departure from the solar system as well as both of your assessments of them. It is an odd thing to be offered two diametrically opposed conclusions derived from the exact same set of facts. Given the different perspective of the two authors, I suppose I should not be surprised. You have both requested an inquiry, and, given the gravity of what has transpired, there cannot be any other outcome.
I must confess to not being particularly concerned about the results of the inquiry in the face of what Humanity now faces. I do not know whether we will be attacked by the remnants of the Combine. I do not know understand this feared evil we have released out of our Pandora's Box and what implications this will have for Humanity and the galaxy writ large.
You have taken made decisions and undertaken actions on behalf of Humanity. Your judgment has allowed us to survive, but at great cost. I wonder if we are now rapidly arriving at the point where the expense is greater than our ability to pay it.
You are instructed to return with the First Armada to Earth immediately.
- Damian
A fair response, though not particularly encouraging. She still retained her command, the loss of which she had considered a distinct possibility. He was correct to point to the broader threats beyond those that would be a consequence of any inquiry. It was unclear what the ramifications of Halcyon would be, though Joan had endeavored to offer what insights she could in her report to the Secretary and Fleet Command. An assault on Earth by forces unknown with means unknown was possible and perhaps likely. The enemy would potentially have the capability to strike anywhere at any time through the use of wormholes. The scope and capacity of their military forces could not be determined from available knowledge.
There was little that could be done from her present location. She must return and attempt to shore up the defenses surrounding Earth, an essential component of which would require the assistance of the newly formed XiZ collective. Joan had reviewed much of the substance of Jack's conversations with the curious creatures and her current assessment was that they could leveraged further. There was some risks in bringing them closer to Earth, but she believed they could be mitigated so long as Humanity retained control over the alien ship's power supply. Humanity's continued access to wormholes was of paramount importance and could not be jeopardized.
Separately, she had been monitoring Kai's deliberations with Idara and Jack. The strange presence of the Overseer emerged consistently, often dominating the discussion and forcing Joan to question the dangers associated with permitting Kai to remain conscious. The mission to Halcyon had been predicated, in part, on ensuring that a senior military officer did not remain in a potential enemy's hands. Now an alien appeared to be co-habitating in that same officer's head. There were no guarantees he was not a puppet. The possibility of treachery was impossible to discount and ignore, just as Kai had said it would be.
Nothing was ever simple.
Not when Kai Levinson was involved.
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First Previous Next

Darenius stared, half-blinded by the intense light that burned a humanoid shadow into his retinas. But he dared not look away from that haloed figure as voices echoed through the room. They spoke all at once, in a hundred languages he could not understand, and in the Imperial Trade-Tongue.
“You maniacs! You blew it up,” a man wailed! “God damn you all to hell!” The voice rattled in his ears, charged with emotion – dread, grief, and a wailing sense of powerlessness that sat like a stone in his chest.
“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion,” another voice monologued, drawn flat with palpable mortality. The purple-blue fairy-light spun and glittered, and it left impressions of unfamiliar constellations and of shapes that smoldered in the black. “I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.”
Something in the imagined blackness shimmered, and one of the fairy-light shapes was ripped apart into burning pieces. “They fell. They fell as pebbles fall down wells. They were scattered as jackstones are scattered from a gigantic throw.”
All the while, the silhouette stood. Frozen as the stink of burning flesh and hair began to fill the room.
“It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with,” yet another voice implored. Its words felt almost pleading as if it were desperate to convince Darenius that what it said was true. “It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop. Ever!”
Finally, the silhouette spoke. “So that’s how it is,” the Human said, its voice echoed a hundred times in a hundred languages. “Then it seems our end is always self-made.” Its voice echoed with pain and horror. The depths of sorrow swallowed him. “Twenty years, all for nothing.”
It hurt Darenius’ head to try to listen to it, but the pain in his leg was forgotten. If he could have dared to look away from that burning light, he might have noticed the ribbons of light that danced around the wound in his leg.
He couldn’t look away as the halo of light finally died. He could vaguely hear the fusion reactors and their turbines as they performed an emergency shut down many floors below them. Darenius blinked his eyes, the purple-black afterimage took up his entire vision – perhaps permanently damaged. But eventually, his vision cleared enough, and he looked back at the Human.
No, there was no Human there anymore, only a charred corpse.
Its eyes, once so defiant – as if by nature it dared those it looked upon to witness it – were now smoldering pits in a charred skull. Hair and skin were charred red and black and burned into a stinking purple smoke. The head toppled forward on the charred flesh of its throat, and the flesh tore and cracked as the weight of the head dragged it down.
The crown shattered as it hit the floor, held together by a putty of boiled brain matter and cooked scalp. No spine connected it to the rest of the corpse.
The rest of the corpse soon followed, the legs stiff and nothing to maintain its precarious balance. A chasm of smoldering flesh split the carcass in two, though the entire rear of the body looked like it had been pulled from a fire. A pool of slag was all that was left of the spine, barely enough to hold the upper and lower halves of the Human’s corpse together.
Darenius sagged, equal parts relief and exhaustion.
Dead. The Human was killed. And just like the first time the army scientists had tried to take one of the Humans apart, its spine had burst into a fire so bright and hot that it had turned the rigid bones into ash. It was more than enough to destroy the metallic implants.
He almost wanted to laugh: Humans even died with spite.
~,~’ ~{~{@ ((●(●_(●_●)(◌_◌)_●)●)) @}~}~’ ~,~
“Sir, orbital traffic is moving,” a sensor specialist barked over the hum of the INV Manifest Destiny’s various systems. Per the Captain’s orders, the sensor specialists and astrogation officers had begun to carefully monitor all activity around the station.
The Captain sat against the opposite wall of the Tactical Pilot’s station, where he could look directly up and see any other station in the hexagonal module. In microgravity, no surface was left unused – every wall had a purpose. The Sensors, Communications, Astrogation, and Electronic Warfare stations took up the other four walls of the hexagon. The remaining two walls that enclosed the densely packed command module housed the door and a large holographic display.
From the Captain’s station, the display’s carefully calibrated screen could present the illusion that the information it displayed extended into and beyond the room. The effect became increasingly broken the farther from the Captain’s station an observer got. Still, its effect allowed the person seated at the Captain’s station a commanding view of local space around the ship.
With several keypresses, the Captain changed the holographic display. The view zoomed in, the tiny triangles and squares that had represented every single ship in orbit around the ring-shaped station zoomed past his vision. In a single moment, the small symbols were replaced with detailed silhouettes of the ships within several hundred kilometers of the INV Manifest Destiny.
One hundred kilometers was not far in orbital terms, and the INV Manifest Destiny was capable of responding instantly to anything within eighty kilometers. Determining the effective range of a weapon in orbital combat was complex, taking into account the target’s delta-V and acceleration profiles and things like bullet travel time or laser diffraction.
Every ship around Torus Terminal was civilian grade: slower, low power thrusters, and only what armor was necessary to stop micro-meteors – certainly not enough to stop a stream of 3-millimeter shells from the Manifest Destiny’s sniper coil guns.
No one in their right mind would deviate from their flight plan while the INV Manifest Destiny was on watch. Which made it extremely unexpected when so many of them began to change course.
“All vessels be aware, an emergency has been declared. New flight paths are being directed to you now,” the tower controller’s voice stressed.
“Get me more information,” the Captain ordered.
The communications officer listened carefully to his headset. “An ice hauler is reporting drive malfunction, sir. It’s an old nuclear-torch drive, the throttle is stuck open.”
The Captain adjusted his view until he could see the ship in question, quickly changing course as its massive engines fired. Several other ships were already changing course, attempting to intercept the ship to render aid.
Torch ships were brute force ships, virtually just a fusion reactor with a hole punched on one side of its magnetic torus. It produced power and thrust in spades using a relatively small amount of material: the same principle that powered the Manifest Destiny’s interstellar drive. Such ships were fast. They accelerated continually through their entire mission – accelerating toward their target, and then flipping at the halfway point to slow.
“Sir, that plume is pointed at the station,” one of the sensor specialists interjected. An instant later, their sensor data was pushed into his view. A massive false-color orange cone of hot, radioactive gas accelerated toward the distant ring-shaped station. After a moment, it was clear the cone was growing and would overlap a large portion of one side of the ring. Several flashing icons appeared where the cone was predicted to intersect with the station. “Tower informs us that there are workers out there, repairing one of the laser reflectors. If that plume hits them before they can get to shelter, sir …”
The Captain hissed out his displeasure. To abandon their overwatch was risky, but he wouldn’t be able to sleep if he did nothing. “Put us on low alert, we’re moving! I want us on an intercept course with that plume. Retract weapons and point our nose at them; our armor can handle it. We’ll put as much of the station as we can in our shadow,” he commanded.
The Manifest Destiny shivered, and a phantom weight overcame the occupants of the command deck as his orders were carried out. The corvette’s chemical engines fired, and a subtle buzz of the low alert echoed through the halls over the hum of the warship’s systems. There was a lurch as the ship spun, and the Captain felt as the weapons along the armored hull retracted into their bays, and blast shields lowered into place.
“Forty minutes,” the astrogation officer announced. “We’ll make it in time.” The officer’s estimates appeared on display as a glowing, arced line that intercepted with a ghostly projection of the orange plume.
Slowly, as they accelerated into their intercept and the communications officer explained to the station what they planned to do, the Captain relaxed. It seemed that so much of his work involved long stints of waiting, only for moments of panic to perforate the boredom. But now the situation was handled, and his crew knew their roles and could do it well.
Forty minutes later, almost to the half-second, the ship shuddered as it changed course again. A moment later, the ship began to groan as the armor was stressed. A hot plume of radioactive gas battered at the Manifest Destiny’s armor, impacting it and heating the layered armor. He wasn’t worried; it would take far more than an engine plume at this distance to truly harm the Manifest Destiny’s protective shell.
The civilian grade station – and the pressure-suited workers that scrambled across the surface toward shelter – however, would not fare so well under a similar assault. Even though it was even farther away than the Manifest Destiny, the workers were basically naked. The plasma would have cooled by then, probably, but the accelerated particles would punch straight through a pressure suit and wreak havoc on a cellular level. Even the surface equipment might be damaged.
The Captain’s holographic display fuzzed slightly. The many icons went dim to indicate that the information they represented had not been updated in a significant amount of time. “Sensors?” he asked.
“Retracted, sir,” the sensor specialist replied. “There wouldn’t be anything to see anyway, that plume is too bright,” he groused.
“Radio is noisy, too, but we still have a line to the station,” the communications officer interjected. “They’re keeping us informed,” he assured him.
“What’s the ETA on those ships that went to assist the torch?” the Captain asked.
“Not long now,” the communications officer reported. “They’re starting their intercept, and the torch’s crew are trying to manually override the throttle.”
The Captain sat back and watched the tactical pilot as they caressed the controls. There was little to do now but wait, or maybe start on the paperwork that he would need to fill out about this incident. And repair requests, the armor would be fine, but the outer layers would be compromised by the heat. They were thin, meant to break up micro-meteors and bullets into plasma and dust before hitting the actual armor beneath.
He spent several minutes considering leaving to do his paperwork, it irked him to leave the chair during an incident, but these sorts of accidents were practically routine. He was of half a mind to lower the readiness level despite protocol.
But then the ship rocked.
“Rear docking ring is being engaged!” the sensor specialist shouted.
The tactical pilot cursed and attempted to compensate for the unexpected motion. And the Captain felt dread wash over him. It had been timed perfectly with the accident, the only moment they would have been virtually blind. There was only one possibility.
“Prepare to repel boarders!” the Captain commanded through a veneer of calm.
It was ridiculous, impossible, and yet the alarms began. Several officers unbuckled and left their seats, and they pushed off towards a locker near the entrance. The Captain followed them, his mind a race of thoughts.
The Human had control over a torch ship and at least one shuttle – possibly heavily modified to withstand the torch plume to make their approach. Owning a ship, or having the kind of influence to command one, was not impossible for a citizen of the Empire – but that would be considering generations of planning and collecting money and power. The creature didn’t even have a civil status, and it had somehow managed it in a few years? And that wasn’t even considering the Orbital Control Tower. How could anything less than an invading force gain control of that?
The Inquisitor had tried to warn the Captain about his prey, but the Captain had dismissed it. Clearly, the creature was a threat. Otherwise, it couldn’t have escaped Imperial custody and wouldn’t be worth the attention of the Inquisition. But he hadn’t even considered the possibility that he would be steering his ship into a trap.
Leaving only the communications officer and the tactical pilot in place, the rest of the crew moved to the lockers in the module. With the Captain’s access codes, the safe gave up its charge: concussion grenades, automatic pistols, and frangible rounds. Shrapnel was not desired, but a concussion grenade could stun and even kill in the enclosed spaces of a ship quickly enough. Other lockers in the ship would have armor and helmets, but the command module only had goggles and filtered masks.
Ironically, dust and smoke would be as much a danger as the bullets and grenades would. Typically, the ship’s robust life support systems would create drafts to pull in dust and smoke particles to be filtered out of the air. But during a firefight, the system would not be able to keep up, and the smoke and dust would not settle on its own in free fall. Such particles could blind a person if they made their way into their eyes. If the particles were big enough, the damage they caused could be permanent.
As the officers slipped the masks and goggled over their heads, a heavily accented voice rattled through the ship. “Attention, Imperials! Today you face the elite of the General. We have been forged in blood and blessed in the Singer’s light. Surrender, and you may live to die another day.”
The Captain growled under his breath. The audacity of these pirates was insanity. No Imperial vessel had ever been successfully boarded, certainly not during peacetime, and his vessel would not be the first. The Captain floated back toward his command chair and slammed his fist down on the intercom.
“The Imperial Navy does not negotiate with terrorists,” he growled into it, his voice echoed through the ship.
For a moment, there was silence, and the Captain wondered if he’d somehow scared them off. But then the voice returned with deadly calm, all the bluster of ‘blessings’ and ‘elites’ gone. What they said next was not a threat. It was a promise of violence.
“So be it.”
~,~’~{~{@ ((●(●_(●_●)(◌_◌)_●)●)) @}~}~’~,~
Becoming alive was a strange mixture of waking and drowning.
Lungs burned as the fluid they were immersed in became oxygen-deficient, and the heart fluttered as it urged the body into motion. A hand – her hand – small and uncalloused, slammed forward against an invisible barrier. Her legs kicked, tangled in a braid of tubes and wires that ripped free from the flesh they’d taken root in a millennia ago. The fluid perforated with bubbles of other liquids, unable to mix even with the struggling of the body suspended within.
Mercifully, the barrier moved. It folded away at the touch, and the fluid frothed out of the seam as it lifted away. The liquid splashed into the cold air, a transparent and viscous mixture perforated with bubbles of blood and other fluids.
She tumbled out onto her hands and knees. She heaved and coughed, doubled over as the heavy liquid drained from her lungs and stomach. She shivered as the liquid’s warmth fled, and left her naked to the air.
Rainfall filled her ears as the coughing and retching finally came to a whimpering stop. She was oddly drawn to the sound, and though she hadn’t even opened her eyes yet, she knew where it was.
She coughed weakly as she sucked in a breath and struggled to her feet, both for the first time. She wobbled on unfamiliar knees but soon took her first steps. Her bare feet stepped into water that barely covered her toes, and she gasped as the water sprayed her skin. The rain was warm, and the water around her feet was warm like a spring. She sighed as the tension in her body melted away, massaged by the falling water and its warmth.
The liquid, unable to mix with the water, washed away. The bleeding stopped from where tubes and wires had ripped free from her body, and that also washed away. Finally, clean and refreshed, she opened her eyes to a golden light.
Noli Timere,” a voice echoed like thunder through the dim halls.
She smiled and felt pride blossom in her chest. “We did it,” she coughed in a hoarse, never before used voice.
She stood in the warm rain and stared up toward the sunset-gold light. Steel beams crisscrossed in an almost-organic pattern above her, and the light shone through. She could almost convince herself that she was standing in a forest at sunset in the summer rain.
The moment passed, however, as she realized how quiet it was. She turned away from the light and the water, to the rows of other pods that lined the strange chamber.
Why were they dark? Shouldn’t they all be waking? Shouldn’t there be a crowd of newborns standing beside her, exultant, full of life? There were bodies in the pods. She could read the blue-purple fairy-light that glowed at her approach: they were healthy, ready to be born. So why weren’t they?
Then she heard it, the telltale hiss of released seals. She spun toward the sound and spotted the opening pod immediately. She burst into a sprint on wobbly legs, soon exhausted but quickly arriving at the opening pod. A man coughed and heaved in front of it. Heavy fluid flowed from the pod and off his back into the pool at the center of the hall.
Finally, he took a shuddering breath, and anticipation bloomed in her. She wondered what she would say to him? What would he say? Would he be an Explorer-class, like her? Or perhaps one of the other Ideals had been shaped into him?
But then he screamed and kept screaming.
She jumped as he clutched at himself, apparently unaware as his fingernails dug into his skin and dragged bleeding furrows into his face. She jumped forward as she realized what he was doing to himself, heedless that they were both nude as babes, and wrapped her arms around him. He struggled as she pinned his arms against his chest. When he kicked and writhed, she was forced to wrap her legs around his and squeeze as hard as she could.
The massive, slick fluid of the pod made it challenging to keep her grip, but eventually, his struggling faded. His screams died in a whimper. When he finally spoke, the first Human words she heard made her heart ache.
“There’s no point to any of it at all,” he sobbed. “So much blood. So much pain. What’s the point?
~,~’~{~{@ ((●(●_(ө_ ө)(Ο_Ο)(◌_◌)_●)●)) @}~}~’~,~
The marines surged through the airlock, with Turin’eh and Kanen’eh at their head. The gunfire started soon after that. Once they were through, the other crew worked to fortify their retreat with barriers and entrenched weapons. They were no warriors, not like the General’s marines, but they didn’t need to be to turn their shuttle into a fort. And with the doors jammed open, the other ship would not attempt to force an undocking – not unless they were willing to destroy their cold engines that were so very close to the shuttle.
Sheh’teh stayed behind as well.
The light of God had faded some time ago, and Sheh’teh had grit her teeth and got to work rather than go to the sobbing Human. She left the Singer in her straps to cry, and perhaps it would be better to allow her some time to process what she’d seen. Instead, Sheh’teh had prepared the warriors. It had taken all of her strength, all of her faith to ignore the Singer.
Her crying was so familiar. It hurt her in a way she’d almost forgotten, a wound more than twenty years old. But finally, with the soldiers on their way, she gave in to her maternal urges and jumped toward the Singer.
She floated through the not-fall and ‘landed’ softly over the Singer’s seat. One set of hands held her steady while the other pair gently pulled the Singer from her harness. And just like one of her kits, the Singer curled against Sheh’teh’s chest. Her tears pooled over her eyes strangely in the not-fall, only breaking away to float as wobbling bubbles on occasion.
Sheh’teh felt a small conflict about comforting a Human in such a way. They were noble and enduring beings – not children. But it was clear the Singer was in pain, not of the body, but perhaps of the soul. And as strong fingers clutched at the fur of her breast, and the sobbing slowly came to an end, she knew that she’d decided correctly.
“They’re all dead, Sheh’teh,” the Singer croaked into Sheh’teh’s chest. “It wasn’t even our fault, not really. But it doesn’t matter, none of it matters anymore. They hate us, Sheh’teh,” she whispered, and the sobs started again. “They hate us.”
Sheh’teh shivered despite herself and held the Human tighter.
When the light of God had shone through the Singer, she’d sung for them. Music, unlike anything Sheh’teh had heard before, had manifested around the Singer. But the things she sang about had left Sheh’teh haunted. Somehow she understood the music, though she was certain it had been in no language she had ever spoken. The words had wormed their way into her brain nonetheless.
Fire falling from the sky like rain. Ashes like snow. A sun turned black. And death. Death but no blood, hardly any blood. Only glass and scattered stones. And those terrible words:
Noli timere.

~`~,~{@ O @}~,~`~

First Previous Next
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2020.09.21 23:48 zzekoTM Trouble getting old pc to output video

Recently I’ve been trying to set up my old XPS 8700 so I can use it to host some servers for me and my friends. It’s from 2013 but I figured since it has has and i7-4770 and 8gb of ram it should have no problem hosting something like a Minecraft server. It also has some trash gpu that I’m just using for a display output that is labeled on the pcb as a gt635 which I didn’t even know existed until today(I would assume it’s an oem only part). But where the problem emerged is when I tried to turn it on and the monitor it was displaying to says “The current input timing is not supported by the monitor display” I found this weird since the only time I had ever seen a similar message was when I was experimenting with overclocking my monitor a few years ago after I had retired this pc. This is also weird due to the fact that I don’t even have a hard drive plugged in at the moment and it still does it. meaning that it can’t be some weird driver settings or something because there are none installed or any windows setting since that isn’t installed either. I did however find that if I take the cmos battery out and allow the bios to reset it will post with a display output until I restart the computer where it will then go back to the same error message on the monitor. The only outlier was in one out of about 60 attempts it posted twice in a row without the removal of the battery. I may try installing windows after resetting the bios if I can’t find a solution but I haven’t yet since this may prove difficult since I believe while installing windows it restarts the pc a few times so I would essentially be flying in the dark. I’m by no means an expert and have a pretty basic understanding of how a bios works so correct me if I’m wrong. but is it possible that the bios on the motherboard has some sort of very basic display driver that allows the output of video before anything is installed on the computer. If so does this mean that it’s possible that that driver or whatever it would be called within the bios is getting corrupted after restarting. Like I said I’m no expert but if that is the case is it possible something like that could be caused by and old cmos battery that has been sitting without power collecting dust for about 4 years.
Here’s a pic of the pc
Currently i have tried: the gpu in the top and bottom pci slots a HDMI cable a dvi-d cable a HDMI to dvi-d cable(both ways HDMI to dvi-d and vise versa) And Two different monitors (one pretty new one running at 1080p 144hz and the other from around 2009 running at 900p 60hz)
I haven’t been able to try the display port or HDMI on the motherboard because it one just doesn’t work or two the i7-4770 doesn’t have graphics. I also haven’t been able to try the vga port on the gpu because I don’t have a cable. After I post this when I get a chance I will also try using the cmos battery from my main pc and see if that does anything.
If anyone has any ideas or anything I would greatly appreciate it :)
Update: put the gt635 in my main system and it ran no problems it even ran r6 without drivers at ~40fps lol.
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2020.09.21 22:30 lisagreenhouse Curtis Flowers a free man after murder charges dropped--6 trials and 22 years on death row later [Update]

Curtis Flowers, 50, is free after spending 22 years on death row and enduring six trials over nearly 25 years for the same murder case.
On Friday, September 4, 2020, Mississippi prosecutors announced that they were dismissing the case—indictments in the deaths of four former coworkers at a local furniture store.
Flowers had been tried six times for the murders, which occurred on the morning of July 16, 1996. Prosecutors alleged that Flowers stole a handgun and walked to the store, shooting the store owner and three employees. They believed he’d murdered the store owner because he was angry at her for withholding pay and firing him after he’d damaged items in the store; they claimed he’d killed the three employees to prevent them from identifying him to police.
The evidence against Flowers was circumstantial, but the trials took on a racial tone after it was alleged that Doug Evans, the state’s lead prosecutor was intentionally removing Black jurors and working to install white jurors. In fact, in his six trials, four of which resulted in convictions (all later overturned by the Mississippi Supreme Court on appeals due to prosecutorial misconduct or racial bias) and two of which ended in hung juries, 72 total jurors heard his case. Of those 72, 61 were white (all of whom voted him guilty) and 11 were Black (5 of whom voted him guilty). Winona, MS, the city where the murders occurred is racially diverse, with approximately 50% of residents being Black and 50% being white, with some other races comprising a small percentage of the population.
In June 2019 the United States Supreme Court ruled by a 7-2 margin that Flowers deserved a new trial after seeing proof of racial bias in the jury selection process. It threw out Flowers' 2010 conviction, citing the prosecutor's striking of 5 of the 6 potential jurors. During Flowers' six trials, the same prosecutor struck 41 of 42 black prospective jurors. The Supreme Court did not rule on Flowers’ guilt or innocence but rather on the prosecutorial conduct, leaving open the possibility of Mississippi prosecutors bringing him to trial for a seventh time for the same crime.
However, on September 4, the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office filed a motion to dismiss the indictments, effectively ending the case and setting him free.

CNN article about charges dropped:
NYT article about charges dropped:
WaPo editorial about charges dropped plus discussion of prosecutorial misconduct remaining a problem:
My previous long-form write-up about the case:
Original resources:
In the Dark podcast, Season Two (listen or read transcripts; photos included):
NPR interview with Madeleine Baran, host of the In the Dark podcast:
A recent news article laying out the case, explaining the race-jury selection question, and discussing the upcoming Supreme Court battle:
My previous update about the US Supreme Court decision for a new trial:
Sources about 2019 US Supreme Court decision:
NPR article:
WaPo article:
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2020.09.21 21:54 Iswitt [Update][Fort Thomas, KY] Did a property survey and explained my plans to my neighbor about installing a privacy fence. May be getting into a property line dispute. What are the laws surrounding easements I need to worry about (if any) and what are my rights regarding trees bordering our properties?

It has been over three months since I made my original post. For a Friday night post, I actually got a lot of responses and I thank everyone who participated.
The main reason this update took so long is because the fence company was hella booked due to COVID. Everyone is doing home projects. I finally got my fence in last week! Here are some photos (rear, side 1, side 2 ). You cannot see the angry neighbor's house to identify them (posting rule #3) due to the glorious privacy we now have from the fence. But you can see some piles of honeysuckle I have not gotten rid of yet - there was so much of it. Also, given that we now have an enclosed backyard, we GOT A DOGGO! Meet Juniper.
Between the last post and now I have not had much contact with the angry neighbor. I decided to basically avoid him and only communicate with him if I had to. In the meantime, I took your advice and hired a lawyer to put my ducks in a row. This was basically peace of mind in case the neighbor came at me with more drama. I also talked to the city zoning director who told me the neighbor had no idea what he was talking about and he gave me my permit. I feel like I should mention that the neighbors on either side of me are super nice and I've made it clear that while the fence is indeed a privacy fence, there are gates available to them should they want to drop by and they are welcome any time. The both of them are planning to get matching fences to stretch along the back of their properties as well. The guy on my left (side 1 photo above) also borders the property of my angry neighbor, so this dude is in for more fence frustrations lol.
During the days the fence was being installed, my neighbor and his family were watching the workers like hawks. The dude even came out and yelled at the workers for "being too close to his side" to which the foreman told him to go away. I guess these fence guys deal with this nonsense all the time and have hard skin about it.
Anyway, the fence is up, the dog is having a great time and (in my opinion) it looks great back there. I know not everyone is keen on privacy fences or fences in general and to each their own. We love it and did it by the book and this neighbor can continue to fuck off for the foreseeable future.
Thank you /legaladvice .
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2020.09.21 21:52 KSlay Excel Multiple Pivot Tables that update from a dropdown to choose which column to count

So I am trying to create a dashboard of afew pivot tables and tried using slicers but the issue is that the data I am trying to quantify is based on columns not specific rows of data, I have created it in google sheets to visualize what im trying to do.
1.Rows 13-16 are my Pivot Data
2.Row 1 I want to be a dropdown that I can select from the 3 columns highlighted in yellow.
3.I want these 4 pivot tables to update the #'s based on the dropdown selection
4.So at first I thought slicers and connecting the 4 report connections would work best, but I realize now that I cant add a slicer by the column headers, so hopefully there's a solution.
Hoping I made the instructions clear but please feel free to let me know if I can further explain
Thank you!
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2020.09.21 20:30 happypuppy100 Does the free version do that has helped you that all other free spreadsheet options do not do? If so, what are those things? An airtable link that showcases this would be helpful. This way everyone could find some use for this. I've never seen anyone share an airtable, it's always google sheets

What does the free version do that has helped you that all other free spreadsheet options do not do?
I understand airtable doesnt even have color fonts in free version which takes away lots of use cases
People said that this now does calculation in the free version?
I've never seen anyone on this entire Web share an airtable, it's always google sheets
An airtable link that showcases this would be helpful.

The following is for a different use case:
Best Offline Spreadsheet Options?

Libreoffice is significantly more updated (in quality) than Openoffice, said by others
Looks like the problem: is that there are many outdated sites, or many sites with outdated info that lists Openoffice as a good option
Spreadsheet apps listed on various sites seems to show there's absolutely no good options for this besides these 2.... (or maybe there are? )


Preferred, not needs:

Main requirement is not online

Non-deal breaking Problems with Onlyoffice:

Thoughts on Onlyoffice relevant to this post? Or are there any better options in 2020?
Looking for helpful links / info pertinent to post. Thanks!

There's this thing call "WPS Office Software" but it was made in China and as we all know that is untrusted given everything in the media about China

There's this quick spreadsheet maker call "" where you:
Don't think there's anything else like that for spreadsheets/tables (or even for anything else like pastebin text that is also continuously editable since pastebin is not continuously editable and I don't think anything else is)

When comparing "python + Jupiter notebooks + pandas" to libre = "For everything < 250 rows libre office calc is good enough and definitely faster."

Please recommend what you've used or know about. Thanks!
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2020.09.21 18:21 Momori06 Cant add spacing or change width for bootstrap cards?

Hi guys, I have a row of four bootstrap cards using col-lg-3.
I can't seem to change the width to : 90%; or w-90 to any of the boostrap card. How should I do it so that there's space in between the cards? I can add margin but that would put the last card to next row. Thanks in advance! Below are the codes for 1 card, copy pasted 4 times.preview img

$12 /per month

  • Up to 5 Users
  • Basic support on Github
  • Monthly updates
  • Free cancelation
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2020.09.21 17:40 Samara_Buckley_Derby The Beginning of the End --- Chapter 14: A Gift of Blood and Life

Summary: Fighting immortals is a sweetheart job for someone obsessed with the afterlife. Dying on the job, however, is cutting it too close. However, Julian's curiosity with the great beyond pushes him a little too far, back to the land of the living and cursed with a damned soul, just like the immortals he's sworn to fight...
Subscribe to Updates Cover art
First Chapter Previous Chapter
The fighting had stopped and Julian didn’t know why and that scared him more than the gunshots. This was probably a privileged position on his part, since being shot was a risk and not certainty of death. The sudden silence of gunshots was accompanied by the scrabbling of feet and Julian was barely able to take in the movement of the enemy troops to the side of their fallen immortal.
There was a following scuffle that Julian couldn’t quite follow before the entire terminal froze with a series of guns pointed at each other. A total standoff.
“This is over.” Laghardi had her gun leveled at a man wearing a bloodied suit who stood closest to her. “We have your leader down. Without her giving orders, you can’t hope this will go in your favor.”
Julian’s eyes focused behind Laghardi, behind the followers, behind all the blood and destruction at the tarmac. All the fighting, deaths and injuries and whatever had happened while Julian and Xing were pushing people out of the terminal, it had only taken the better part of a few minutes. Gunfire, apparently, happens very quickly. But that had been enough time for German police and, indeed, troops, to start mobilizing, and he could hear the sounds of sirens in the distance.
“If none of you are opposed,” came Matti’s voice, calm and unbothered from his perch, “I’m either going to start shooting them or I’m going to pack up and get out before authorities get here. Pooja, I’ve got eyes on you, just blink once for option one or twice for two.”
Julian didn’t see Laghardi’s face but he did hear the shattering crack of a sniper rifle blast through the terminal as another of Lady Helga’s followers dropped. They were getting short on people, down to ten, and only eight able bodied soldiers.
“Tell him to stop,” the man said, eyes wide, darting to the tower. “Tell him to stop.”
“If I move my hand to relay that order, you’ll get the edge on me,” Laghardi said. Julian couldn’t tell by her calm face, whether or not she was even aware of the authorities. She must be, Matti had said as much, but she didn’t flinch nor did her eyes waver. “You’ll have to be the one to put down weapons first.”
“You’d kill us all anyway.”
“Not if you surrender the Lady Von Marwitz. Really, we have no interest in snuffing out her followers.” Laghardi’s eyes narrowed. “Just her.”
“Fire in the hole!” Julian could barely hear Matti’s tinny voice through the ringing in his ear when another shot ripped through the air, taking their number down to nine.
The suited man looked down at Lady Helga’s body. The shot had caused a large part of her skull and brain to become disconnected from her body but it was fast repairing itself in something that was both horrifying and fascinating to watch.
“Your call,” Laghadri said.
The man dropped his gun and held his hands overhead. The other followers quickly followed suit.
“Move in,” Laghardi said, both over coms and to her soldiers. The privates rushed the enemies, kicking weapons away, putting guns to their heads, and escorting them away from Lady Helga’s downed body.
“Grace, Achmed, on her. Tenneson, see to the wounded, stabilize any that need it.” She tapped her earpiece then. “Matti, prep to move out. Schmidt, get in here in 60.”
This last command really put a fire under everyone’s asses as they all snapped to attention. Grace and another private bound up Lady Helga’s body and moved her to the large broken window. The other privates set to work helping each other up or getting the medic to the one soldier, Shanti, who was out cold.
“Losing blood. I can stabilize him for now but he’ll need real care and soon.” The medic pulled out a few patches, slapping them over some of the soldier’s more gaping wounds.
“None of that will matter if we get shot by the feds.” Laghadri bent down and pulled the injured soldier over her shoulder. “Anyone else need help?”
Julian watched, utterly uselessly, as the agents helped each other to the edge of the hall. Julian could, somewhere in the part of his ears that weren’t bleeding, hear sirens and helicopter blades. He was also starting to hurt and realized he’d taken some bullet wounds. Amazing what a drug adrenaline could be.
“Blake.” Grace grabbed him by the shoulder. “You holding up?”
“Yeah. Good to see you’re alive.” His mumble felt half hearted. “Are the others…”
“Shanti looks bad. A couple others are probably going to clock out when their hearts slow down enough to let them. No casualties.” She closed her eyes for a moment and her free hand floated to her collarbone for just a moment. Then she pulled the hand down. “You did good. Glad we had you on board. We’ll talk more after. I don’t like something about this.”
Grace would go from complimenting to pessimism in two seconds flat but he had no time to push her more because just then, a rope ladder dropped down from above.
“Alright!” shouted Laghadri over the whirring blades. “Everyone on board. Get on, start climbing. We got about ninety seconds before this whole place gets really hot.”
And that was all the time they had. The soldiers lept to the ladder, which swung about two feet from the edge and began climbing. Laghardi and Achmed, who both held someone over their shoulders, a patient or a prisoner, somehow managed to get on and start climbing without jeopardizing their grip. Julian was one of the last, climbing on right before Grace, who had a gun trained on the enemies. The Infleurgents had confiscated any weapons they’d been able to find on a quick search but it was unclear how thorough that had been.
He jumped onto the ladder, one of the many most terrifying moments of his life so far, without even realizing how much of a jump it was or how big the risk or just how long the ladder was. As he latched on and began climbing, his limbs screaming in pain, he thought back to his training with Grace, how she’d forced him to pull a rope down for what she claimed was ‘the equivalent of climbing a hundred foot ladder… or at least the closest damn thing I can simulate in this sad excuse for a gym.’ He’d asked when she could possibly imagine him needing to climb a hundred foot ladder, all while nursing his arms which had felt like rubber for two days after.
He kinda wanted to say something but this was inarguably not the time so he just kept climbing.
The rope was so much easier. So so so much easier. This was like doing a pullup where you could never go back down. Somehow you just had to keep pulling up. Allegedly his legs were taking some of the weight off his arms but they sure didn’t seem to know it. All he could do was look at the boots of the soldier on top of him and try to his head against the heels before they ascended the next rung. Don’t look up, don’t look down, just keep climbing.
Of course, had he looked up or down, he’d have known to expect the ladder to start moving. He might have even known when it was going to move. All of this took him utterly by surprise, even though it shouldn’t have. After all, Laghardi said they had 90 seconds. She clearly wasn’t expecting it to take 90 seconds for them to all jump on and get to the top. No, they had to move as soon as everyone was on.
Julian’s muscles cried in pain. He may have a little too. He definitely did a little too. This was supposed to be the debrief time where all the chemicals washed out of his body and he was able to curl in a ball and cry about how crazy life was, how in pain he was, and how close the whole mission was. It wasn’t that he thought he deserved this time. God knows it wasn’t like he’d earned it. But his body had just about finished keeping him going and he didn’t know how to stop the flood of garbage now washing through his veins.
Despite himself, he let his foggy eyes drift from the boots above him to the airport his ladder now sailed through. This might have even been cool if it weren’t for the everything going on right now. The helicopter was gaining altitude but not fast enough, and for a moment, it looked like they’d hit the top of the main building. Instead, they cleared it and only the base of the ladder scraped the roof.
Julian hadn’t noticed the sniper on the roof waiting for this to happen but as soon as the ladder shuddered on impact, there was another tug, and Julian looked down to see Matti now clinging to the bottom rafters. He had his gun slung on his back and kept a watchful eye around them. The helicopter hadn’t even needed to slow to a full stop before it was ramping up speed. At this point the ladder was slowly being retracted into the helicopter, a godsend because Julian, by all rights, still had sixty feet to go.
It was another agonizing minute before finally they were in the sky and he could go find a corner to curl up and take a nap in. It wasn’t until he made it to the corner and turned around to look over the soldiers that he started processing faces again. Sorrowful, panicked, shocked, upset… they were all far too upset for what he expected after a successful mission.
Then his eyes fell on Grace, who was talking very quickly to the medic, her face white and eyes bloodshot. She kept speaking, lips moving more rapidly than Julian was sure he could understand, when she caught him looking. The two made eye contact and Julian realized that she and the medic were crouching over the still unconscious Private Shanti.
Another wave of adrenaline pushed him to her side. “He’s not doing well?” The man was trembling, his skin grey, something Julian had seen before while interviewing hospice patients for his Masters. Calm people. Ready to die. Greeting it. Not like this.
“We can save him. Don’t have the blood to run a transfusion and he’s going into shock now.” Her lips were twisted in a very ugly, very angry frown.
“Why don’t we just travel with like, blood for a transfusion?” Julian asked, hurling a surely useless ‘what if’ into the dire situation. “Seems like it’d help an awful lot.”
“Wouldn’t keep,” she said, not snapping nearly as much as he knew he deserved.
“Even if we did have some,” the medic said, sounding annoyed, “he needs a lot. More than we could reasonably carry.”
“Couldn’t we, like, just all pitch in a little? What’s his blood type?” Julian felt like an idiot but he couldn’t get his head around losing the man right now. “I’ve got O+, that’s a pretty common one, right? I donate all the time, that's like—”
“It would take too long,” said the medic, now angry. “A blood transfusion can take hours. The time it would take to draw from someone here, give to him, and then start another drawing… it would take too goddamn long and unless you’re volunteering us to just drain you dry and get it all over with at once, I’d suggest you shut your goddamn face.”
Julian nodded, shut his mouth, and pulled up his sleeve, thrusting his arm at the medic. “Is there enough that you can take to help? Any chance that it could help?”
“Are you fucking—”
“Tenneson,” said Grace. “Would it help?”
The medic’s eyes darted back to Shanti. “He’s O+ too. Fuck it, you sure zombie?”
“Don’t spare me any drop you need.” Julian had to fight to keep a grin off his face, since he knew that this was far from a guaranteed shot to save the soldier and this was going to hurt like hell or at the very least, be very unpleasant. But at least he’d get his nap.
The medic swabbed his inner arm with a sterilization wipe and then torniquented the arm. “Alright, stay still and say something if you want me to stop.” He felt a pinch in his arm.
“He’d better fucking not,” said one private.
“Yeah, he ate a dozen bullets for Yildis, he can spare some fucking blood.”
“Will this make Shanti immortal? Having zombie blood in him?”
Julian didn’t ask them to quiet nor did he ask for someone to silence them. As the similar draining feeling began to grip his body, he relished listening to the privates bicker. It gave him something to focus on.
“I’m gonna do this quick and dirty, not how they teach us in phlebotomy school.” The medic’s voice was starting to sound far away and Julian just nodded. He’d only passed out twice before but one thing he always remembered was that, well, he never remembered passing out. He just remembered waking up. This would likely be a similar case, where he didn’t remember passing out he just remembered—
The boat.
God it was actually nice to be dead this time. The clarity and peace that came with the river was honestly refreshing and exactly what he needed. He stood up in his boat this time, looking into the others around him. There were quite a few bodies— no, not bodies. People. They did not sleep, much like how he hadn’t his first time, nor in subsequent visits. They simply drifted and enjoyed the ride. The light above. The rocking of the boats. Any who heard Julian ignored him.
The last time Julian had died had been a combat situation, and he’d blithely plunged back to Earth, a little soon for his body. The time before, he’d been terrified of not returning. This time, though, he had a little bit more time to collect himself. Think a little.
If Julian’s stunt back on Earth didn’t work, poor Shanti would be here soon. Where would Shanti enter from? The boats always seemed to drift in from side streams that simply appeared when needed and vanished again, cutting through the waterfalls at the banks of the stream. It was impossible to predict where they would appear, so it would be impossible to predict where Shanti would arrive, if he did. Simply impossible.
Julian felt a warm tingle in his brain. Impossible was his favorite word. He looked over his shoulder at the precipice of the waterfall, getting closer. Yes, he had to move, but he may not yet have to jump back to Earth. Not if he rowed up the stream. After all, he’d already violated the natural order of things. What was a little rowing against the current?
It was surprisingly easy. The little oar pushed him effortlessly through the stream, which rippled underneath it, sending waves out hundreds of feet, all the way to the watery walls of the shore, where the tiny disturbances touched the walls and shimmered up the water pouring down. When Julian touched the glasslike walls, he was treated to a deep, unsettling gong, but the only noise these gentle waves made upon hitting the streaming barrier was a delicate chiming noise he felt in his stomach.
What was the water made of? This wasn’t corporal, so this water couldn’t be a mere combination of hydrogen and oxygen. No, rather it was almost certainly the reality of the cosmos bending gracefully into the shape of something he recognized. So had the river simply appeared as such because he’d wanted it to? What did the other immortals see? He expected the river because so many had told him they’d experienced it but if it was simply the cosmos showing him what he’d expected, then why did so many expect the river, to the point where it was a universal experience?
Was there, as Grace believed, a sentient entity behind all this? Perhaps one with a love of water? After all, it was from water that all life began. Maybe it only made sense that water was where they should all end. Was there a river that led to conception that they all just forgot?
Many of Julian’s old classmates had turned to philosophy to answer the same question that burned in the core of their hearts. Julian had been too hungry to only theorize.
And now he was here.
Further he rowed up the river, noting fewer and fewer boats as he did. What determined the length of the boat’s ride? Julian’s had always been short. Was it age? Deeds on Earth? Belief or creed? As he drifted, he peered into a passing boat and a shiver of shame ran through him. His eyes fixed on the small girl who lay inside, a peaceful look on her face, but her eyes, surprisingly, open.
Her lips parted, emotion crossing her face and Julian ducked down in his boat, pressing himself to the floor and praying that she would not risk peering about. It was hard to say how long he lay at the bottom of his boat, as counting was impossible in a plane where time didn’t exist, but soon he heard the roar of the waterfall and knew it was time to leave the river.
He sat up in his boat and saw the vessel he knew belonged to the girl continue to drift towards the edge. Slowly, he rowed to the shore, still eying her boat for any sign of disruption. But no, as he paddled to keep his canoe in place, hers dipped and bobbed before falling over the edge, bringing her to the place in the afterlife carved away for her soul.
The encounter stuck in Julian just how unnatural he was and how much damage he could potentially causeif his curiosity grew too unchecked. An exploration, if not tempered, could defile this place or the souls of those within it.
He would have to be more cautious next time. For now, his first exploration had finished, and, praying that his body was good and restored, he plunged off the river back into the physical world.

“Julian! Jesus Christ, about time.” Julian’s eyes snapped open as his body was roughly shaken. It was, until that, his most pleasant revival. He was treated to Grace’s furious eyes, boring through him. “How long do we have?” she asked someone in the helicopter.
“Fifteen until the next revival.” Laghardi’s cool voice was a stark contrast to Grace’s ferociousness but she seemed placated by the Colonel’s response and leaned back.
“Alright Blake,” Grace said, back to business, “there’s been a development while you were out.”
Julian groaned a bit as he pushed himself to a sit. “Shanti?”
“I got the blood of Gods in me,” came a response from somewhere in the helicopter.
“Shut up, Shanti,” Grace said. “He’s fine, as you can hear. The problem is the bitch.” She jerked a thumb behind her. “She wants to talk to you.”
“Lady Helga? Why me?”
“Something about immortal to immortal.” Grace’s eyes still held the fury of lightning.
Julian’s stomach twisted at this. On one hand, the concept of getting to talk, face to face, with another immortal was so exciting that he didn’t want to think anything more of the request. On the flip side, were some very real, disquieting questions.
What did she want? What was she planning? And how did she know that he was immortal?
I have a few questions for your consideration.
Does the fact that some POVs and some characters call others by their first name (ie: Matti calls everyone by their first name) while others call them by their last name (ie: Grace calls everyone by their last name) confuse you? Can you follow the story when Julian might use 'Sofia' but Grace uses 'Cortez'?
Are there too many named characters to keep track of? I've been enjoying giving glimmers of personalities to the various privates but please tell me if it's getting too confusing.
I plan on rewriting this next month and am looking for feedback on some potential pain points.
Thank you so much! I'll see you tomorrow :D
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2020.09.21 16:26 Raptor3861 Terrible Customer Service Lavoo

Sorry for this rant..... I have an MP5, which has been fantastic for many years. Outside of having to solve the tipping problem due to the shape, it is a beautiful hookah that works excellent. A few years ago, my glass stem adapter broke and I could not find a replacement as it seemed most of my daily driver sites no longer carried the accessories. I was able to replace it with a random glass stem that worked well.
I decided to actually purchase the converstor directly from along with some other goodies to spice up the hookah. This was about 14 days ago in which I got a prompt email that it is ready to ship; fantastic.
Fourteen days later, not a single update. I've reached out to their chat, which promptly welcomes me and responds to my intial greeting. From there, when I ask for an order update, silence. Multiple days in a row, this is what happens.
For what I believe to be a premium hookah which I paid a premium for, along with the accessories, this customer service experience is terrible. I get it; some factors can delay shipment. COVID is slowing certain things down, and I can accept that. But just update me; that's all I'm asking for. Don't start a chat with me, and then when I ask for an update, disappear. That is piss poor customer service, and I cannot recommend your brand.
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2020.09.21 05:54 Nobleone__ Slowly expanding my first python OSS Library pylightxl a light weight excel API

Released another version of my python OSS project pylightxl. Give it a spin and let me know how we can improve it :)
rev log v1.47: - added new function:'table1') returns the contents of named range "table1" - added new function:'Sheet1').range('A1:C3') that returns the contents of a range it also has the ability to return the formulas of the range - updated'Sheet1').row() and'Sheet1').col() to take in a new argument formual that returns the formulas of a row or col - bugfix: write to existing without named ranges was throwing a "repair" error. Fixed typo on xml for it and added unit tests to capture it - added new function: xl.readcsv(fn, delimiter, ws) to read csv files and create a pylightxl db out of it (type converted) - added new function: xl.writecsv(db, fn, ws, delimiter) to write out a pylightxl worksheet as a csv
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2020.09.21 05:50 AnonAppliedPhysicist Shift all data to left columns

Hi all,
Say I have columns A, B, C, D and E and about 2k rows. Similar to this;

Column A will always have a value. However column B, C, D and E will have some fields without any values.

How do I move all data to the left via a formula? (formula, as first table will be updated day-to-day)

Any and all advices are appreciated.
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2020.09.21 05:44 MostlyReadRarelyPost Fiendwolves (Steelshod 436)

Hey there!
I don’t post these daily anymore, so just in case you’re a newcomer and you’ve never seen a Steelshod post before… click here to start at the beginning
This is the latest chapter out of several hundred, and I don’t think it will make much sense without context. This isn’t an episodic story so much as one long narrative.
Hopefully, you’ll enjoy yourself, and I’ll see you back here in good time. If not, no big deal. But I think if you start here you’re going to be very, very lost.
Table of Contents – includes earlier installments, maps, character sheets, our discord server, and other documents.
First Previous
World map
Here is a general lore doc including character profiles and here is a basic roster showing who’s where, and who is a PC: Steelshod Roster!
Note for Binge-Readers: This is generally live-updated to reflect the current state of the game! Hopefully if you’re binging you can keep better track of who’s going where, because you just recently read about them going there.
The One Forest
They knew it was a trap.
Steelshod went to this meeting fully expecting to be ambushed.
If anything, they were pleasantly surprised that they were able to actually meet with Partholon and Dolan, and with the rest of the Collar of Thorns.
They have gained some valuable information here, and maybe even made some contact with potential allies among the Collar.
But in the end, their expectation was right.
Partholon has sprung his trap, using some mixture of Druidic magic and a Word of Power to cause a dense wall of brambles to spring up around them, trapping them within the central grove.
They are trapped with twenty veteran warriors of the Collar of Thorns, and now all twenty of those men have begun to change
Their flesh rips and splits, blood-soaked furry limbs emerging from their human guise.
When the transformation is complete, standing amidst the ragged strips of flesh and splashes of blood are twenty wolfmen, very much like Afric
They have elongated muzzles full of sharp teeth, long arms ending in clawed hands, digitigrade legs, and they are covered in fur
Their clothes, like their flesh, has fallen away in shreds. Notably, however, there is one thing still adorning their bodies
The thorny vines wrapped around their limbs have not fallen away, if anything they look to be embedded even deeper into their bodies
The vines also remain oversized after Partholon’s chant, and they are bristling with long, sharp thorns.
Partholon called these creatures the Mac Tíre Ocracha, which is my attempt at Gaelic for “Hungry Wolves” or something to that effect.
But the notes Bayard gave me has them labeled as “fiendwolves”—we used that term at the table and I’ll use it here, as well.
So there are twenty Fiendwolves rapidly shifting into their monstrous form, ready to descend upon Steelshod in a flurry of tooth and claw.
The transformation is not instantaneous, however.
The moment Partholon stepped into the shadowed tree trunk and the fiendwolves began shifting, Steelshod snapped into action.
Broadly speaking, there are three groups of Steelshod at play here.
First, the are the ones that are basically noncombatants
Cyril has actually already taken a valuable action, triggering Seize the Initiative to force a reroll and resulting in Steelshod winning initiative at the outset of this fight. Because this resulted in them winning initiative, everyone gets a small bonus during the first round of battle.
His job is mostly done, but since he’s in actual personal danger here, he goes ahead and draws his sword. He also draws a vial of poison from his belt and douses the blade in a thick dark oil.
He has no intention of putting himself out there, but he wants to be ready if he comes under attack.
James’ right arm is tightly bandaged and bound in its sling, rendering him unable to effectively wield his longsword. He draws his steel dagger and holds it up, ready to defend himself if one of the creatures reaches him.
He has nothing else to do, really, so he just stands ready.
Tiny is conscious, but only barely. He was badly battered by his fight with Dolan and is in no shape to fight.
Lioness is pretty beat up as well, so she readies her axe and stands in front of Tiny, ready to protect him if they are attacked.
The final noncombatant is Borthul. He ducks down behind the table and draws his tome out of his bag. He flips to a page and begins reading out a spell in an ancient tongue.
He’s doing something
(Sleep? That’s what the players assume, since that appears to be most of his combat magic repertoire)
But what spell this is exactly is unclear for now.
The middle group are the archers, not quite willing to rush the enemy outright, but they immediately take shots with their bows on the transforming warriors.
Felix puts an arrow in one of them, catching the transforming wolf in the collarbone. The creature snarls, but does not go down.
Levin hops up onto the long table to get a better vantage, and he takes a couple shots at the transforming foes. He doesn’t drop them, but he does manage to land an arrow deep into one of their haunches.
Evan Lafferty, like Felix, just stands up and takes a single carefully aimed shot.
He connects, damaging another fiendwolf.
Prudence takes aim with her crossbow and looses a bolt laced with alchemical poison. It embeds itself in her target, causing a wound that bleeds copiously.
This little mini volley was certainly not pleasant for their foes, but at the same time… there are twenty of the fiendwolves.
When you discount the members of Steelshod standing back as effective noncombatants there are basically just nine members of Steelshod truly fighting this battle.
A bunch of arrows chipping down the enemy is certainly valuable, but… knowing how hard Afric hit James, this is honestly a worrisome start to the engagement.
But then we get to the most aggressive members.
Zelde engages in a bit of metagame strategizing here, popping her Sheparding ability—this is the one that lets her designate some allies, and attack anyone that attacks those allies. She can move a single time during the enemy turn to facilitate these attacks, as well.
She designates a mix of the noncombatants and combatants: James, Borthul, Cyril, and Snorri.
This last one so that if nobody breaks through and attacks the defenseless ones, she can instead charge to Snorri’s side and help him against what will no doubt be multiple foes.
Shepherding is a reactive ability, though—she activates it, picks her allies, and then gets to jump in if the enemy takes actions to trigger it.
In the mean time, she can also take her own action on her turn. She activates another ability, Giant Swing, to charge the nearest crowd of fiendwolves.
Giant Swing is Zelde’s most comical ability by far. She charges in, picks up one of the fiendwolves in the middle of its transformation, and begins swinging him in an arc
She is pierced by several of the long thorns, but she doesn’t let that stop her. She swings him wide, smashing him into four more enemies and bowling them all over before finally letting go and sending the one she picked up sailing through the air.
This was brutally effective, in particular because she is able to twist one of Partholon’s core buffing abilities against him.
The Thorny collars these creatures wear are magically sharp, and they inflict a small amount of automatic damage upon anyone striking them in melee—as well as enhancing the melee damage that the fiendwolves themselves inflict.
In this case, while Zelde takes this damage—and that hurts, she takes it five times in total.
I rule that the fiendwolf she’s swinging takes the damage as well... and the fiendwolves she’s hitting with him also take it once each.
It’s a pretty fantastic moment… it turns out that Partholon’s Collar of Thorns makes someone into an ideal weapon for Zelde to swing.
When she lets the fiendwolf go, he hits the ground with a crunch.
The half-finished transformation seems to revert, leaving a twisted motionless human form crumpled in the dirt.
Zelde has killed this one outright, and both injured and staggered four more foes.
Quite the showing.
And she’s not the only member of Steelshod that rushes headfirst into battle.
Bear leads a charge of his own, closing with several fiendwolves and laying into them with his huge axe.
Snorri is ostensibly assigned to protect Borthul
But he decides that the best way to defend the old wizard is to charge the enemy and kill as many of them as he can.
He charges alongside Bear (which is nice, because Bear’s one “leadership” ability is the buff he gives when allies charge alongside him)
Bear lays into several of the fiendwolves, hacking bloody gashes across several of their hides. Against one of them in particular, he delivers a lucky blow to the head (a critical hit) that decapitates the fiendwolf entirely.
But even as he drops that one, one of the others lunges into him, rending him with its claws and supernatural strength.
Snorri picks just one target, and he brings his huge, steel-hafted staff mace in a brutal, crushing blow.
He reduces a fiendwolf’s head to a mushy pulp, and the creature crumples to the ground.
The last charging Steelshod member is technically an archer, but I put her in this group for what should be obvious reasons.
Cara leaps onto the table and runs across it in the opposite direction from Levin.
She rushes towards Zelde’s side, sprinting across the table and leaping off to land near her friend.
As she runs and jumps she is also shooting arrows into the fiendwolves Zelde knocked down around her.
One of them, in the middle of thrashing its way back to its feet, goes still when she hits it.
There’s one more member of Steelshod I haven’t mentioned yet.
In theory, Gulbryn could have been grouped with the archers… but he does not ready his bow.
He could be grouped with the charging warriors… but he does not ready his spear.
Instead, he stands tall, stares down the transforming beasts, and he howls
It may be worth reminding, here, that Gulbryn was one of the members of Steelshod that joined Aleksandr’s expedition to the Thaumati Gate
Moreover, he was one of those that went through the Gate.
Gulbryn’s tier after those experiences was called Looked Beyond the Gate, and its main ability is that his Howls can cause fear even in tiered enemies and monsters, rather than the normal ulfskennar howl that can only scare animals and lesser men.
On top of this, his most recent tier is called Wolf Whistle, and it grants him greatly enhanced control over wild wolves when communicating with them via his Howl.
This was picked up because they had a vague idea of Partholon sending forest creatures against them.
But it suddenly occurs to me, looking at these two abilities together, that Gulbryn actually might be able to mesh them together in an unexpected way.
So he howls.
His howl reverberates eerily through the grove, and the Collar that have already transformed recoil or whine in discomfort at the sound
Gulbryn seems to pick out one of the fiendwolves, and he approaches this one, still howling and keening, locking eyes with his target.
This one in particular cowers, unable to look away from Gulbryn but clearly uncomfortable doing so.
The wolves finish their transformations, and they begin striking back at Steelshod
Those that have fallen remain unmoving on the ground, obviously dead or unconscious. But for all of those that still stand, their wounds begin to visibly heal
Wide gashes start to knit closed with rapid speed
And the fiendwolves strike with similarly unnatural speed.
For the moment, the fiendwolves’ attacks are not as ferocious as they could be… some of them are still completing their transformations, and many of them are hesitant because of Gulbryn’s unsettling howls.
But even so these creatures hit really fucking hard, as we saw when Afric took James out so quickly.
Bear, surprisingly, keeps his enemies at bay with his huge axe.
But Snorri takes a beating from several of the fiendwolves rending him with their claws… of course, Snorri has a lot of meat to beat.
(Okay, that maybe didn’t come out right)
Because Snorri has taken hits, Zelde’s Sheparding is triggered, and she decides to use her movement to charge to his defense
This involves shoving her way past the fiendwolves all around her that have just barely regained their footing, and several of them claw her as she rushes past them
Zelde is nothing if not reckless, however, and she shrugs off the hits and charges to Snorri’s aid.
She crashes into one of the wolves, and cleaves him from stem to stern with her axe.
He drops, shifting back to human form as he dies.
The fight continues, and takes a further turn for the worse as the fiendwolves seize the initiative
Their transformations are completed now. Many of them are still unsettled by Gulbryn’s howling, which gives Steelshod a substantial help here by making many of the enemies roll their attacks with disadvantage.
Furthermore, the fiendwolf that Gulbryn locked eyes with suddenly whimpers, turns, and throws itself at one of its allies
This unexpected betrayal catches the wolf by surprise, and the two of them go down in a flurry of blood and fur and claw
Even with Gulbryn unnerving them so much, the rest of the fiendwolves still surge towards Steelshod’s fighters in small packs.
Snorri, Bear, and Zelde begin getting mobbed by several of the monsters, but they stand fast.
Though battered and bloodied they’re not out of the fight yet… and their size and ferocity has drawn a lot of attention.
Between the three of them they have soaked up well over a hundred points of damage, but they keep fighting.
Snorri in particular takes a huge beating, but he stays up in the single digits. He knocks one of them down with a classic Bersark reactive body slam.
And since Zelde has Snorri as one of her Sheparding targets, she goes absolutely apeshit on the fiendwolves mobbing him.
She hacks into several of them, dropping one of them entirely.
She’s also getting huge returns on Schadenfreude this fight—whenever she drops an enemy she heals 1 point, or 1d4 if they had tiers. It can’t heal her above half HP, but she’s nowhere near half HP.
She’s teetering just above zero, and the extra d4s she’s gotten from taking out several fiendwolves has kept her on her feet.
Several more of them surge towards the archers
One of them tackles Cara scant seconds after she landed near Zelde (or, where Zelde was, since she’s already bolted off to help Snorri and Bear)
He rakes deep gouges across her with his claws, leaving a bleeding wound in one of her legs.
Another one surges towards Evan, but he just barely manages to dodge out of its reach
One of the creatures leaps at Levin, but he coolly sidesteps the fiendwolf entirely
Unfortunately, a second one was also going for him, and it suddenly crashes into him from the side.
It swipes its claws across Levin’s upper body, dropping him with a single brutal blow that shreds his face to ribbons.
Levin collapses without a sound, and the fiendwolf drops down, preparing to start eating him immediately.
He narrowly avoided a “mortal” injury here, but he’s in the negatives, critically injured, and likely to be killed momentarily since there are two fiendwolves around him itching for a tasty meal.
And even if he survives this, his face is never going to be the same.
The fiendwolf that Prudence poisoned earlier bounds across the field, going straight for Cyril and the other noncombatants.
But Zelde triggers another reactive ability, Fools Rush In, to take another charge during the enemy turn.
(I have to say, Zelde isn’t nearly as versatile as Yorrin overall, but she does have a similarly high number of reactive abilities and ways to interrupt the enemy turn)
When Zelde reaches it, it was in the middle of leaping over the table towards Cyril, and she bats it out of midair and sends it sprawling back onto the ground on the far side of the table.
Two more of them go for Felix.
Prudence slips over to intervene, interrupting one of them by tripping it up mid-attack
But the other one scrabbles forward on all fours and slams into Felix low and fast, its claws shredding one of his boots and gouging deep into his foot.
He stumbles back, not out of the fight, but in a lot of pain and about to be pounced.
Another one goes for Lioness and Tiny. Lioness stands her ground against it, keeping it off her friend.
All in all, things are looking not so great.
This is a classic case of the double-turn in our initiative system, where Steelshod won the first round but lost the second, leading to the fiendwolves effectively going twice in a row.
Their first turn had low momentum because they take time to transform, but even so as we circle around to Steelshod’s turn things are pretty rough.
But now is their chance to turn the tide.
First to resolve is Borthul.
He has been chanting out some strange spell from his book, and he suddenly stands up from where he was hunched down by the table
His voice rises in volume, the tones taking on an eerie timbre
His eyes darken. His shadow grows unnaturally long, and dances along the ground as if by unseen lights.
The grass around him begins to darken as well. First turning brown, then black, in an increasing circle around his feet.
The grass around him for a good ten feet in all directions is withered black. Dead.
And the collars of thorns worn by the fiendwolves begin to darken as well.
They wither and turn brown. They tighten as their moisture is sucked away, digging into the fiendwolves’ flesh, and then the brambles flake and slough away as the vines all die in unison.
The wall of living vines around the grove begins to twist and writhe as well, as they, too, begin to wither
Though they don’t fall away as fully or as immediately as the Collars of Thorns.
Borthul rolled his spell against Partholon’s druidic thaumaturgy, and luck was with the decrepit old man.
As if signaling the turn of the tide, as the withering spell is completed Steelshod snaps into action.
Gulbryn’s keening has continued, though at this point the sounds he makes are completely inaudible to normal human ears.
He rolls another Howl and blasts through the fiendwolves’ Will save (I rolled collectively for them at this point)
He stands, mouth wide open, exhaling in a silent howl, and the fiendwolves continue to shy away from him.
Gulbryn sets his sights on one in particular: the wolf Zelde batted out of the air. The ulfsekannar moves to loom over his target, and directs the full fury of his howl upon him
Cyril initiates the Strategic maneuver of Onslaught, calling out an order to the team to press the attack.
Granting everyone an extra attack this round at a penalty to hit.
And attack they do.
Zelde rushes out again, charging to Levin’s aid.
She brings her axe down on the one that is in the midst of biting off a chunk of Levin, cleaving it nearly in two.
Then she turns to the other one that was patiently waiting for its turn to munch down on Levin, and hacks into it as well. This one survives the blow, but it is staggered by Zelde’s rampage.
For the moment, Levin survives.
Cara heard Felix’s cry of pain, and her Mother Bear instincts kick in. A member of her family is in danger.
She’s got an enemy on top of her, but its nerves are shot by Gulryn, so that doesn’t stop her. She scrambles away from it, still lying flat on her back.
She scoots backwards with her feet, kicking away from it, and shoots between her legs at the wolf. She catches it in the face with two arrows, and it stops pursuing.
Then she stumbles to her feet, trying to spot Felix in the melee.
She sees him—foot pinned by a fiendwolf’s claw, with another one nearby.
But the fiendwolves' ferocity has waned from Gulbryn’s howl, and they have grown hesitant.
James rushes to Felix’s side, stabbing at one of the beasts with his dagger. Prudence shoots the other, but doesn’t drop it.
So Felix shoots both of the nearest fiendwolves at point blank range, eschewing some of his normal slow precision for speed.
One of them he hits in a ridiculously gruesome fashion, the arrow entering its outstretched claw at the palm and embedding the entire length of the shaft down the fiendwolf’s forearm, the tip just barely emerging from his elbow. It completely obliterates the arm’s function, and the wolf drops screaming to the ground.
He shoots the other in the leg, injuring it in much less dramatic fashion.
Lioness cuts down her fiendwolf with a couple of powerful blows—the extra oomph from Cyril’s maneuver is the edge she needed to finish him off.
Evan struggles against his wolf, switching to his blade and trying to bring it down, to little success. Still, he’s uninjured, so he can probably survive for a few more moments.
Snorri and Bear go back-to-back against a crowd of fiendwolves. Each man is a warrior with the spirit of a bear, in his own way.
Their enemies no doubt assumed that by surrounding them, they would make for easy prey
They failed to realize that by surrounding them they really just enabled the two men to attack in every direction.
They sweep their huge weapons in wide, vicious arcs.
Several of the fiendwolves drop, reverting to human corpses.
Around this point, we have to roll initiative again
And once again we end up with a shift in momentum, as Steelshod wins this time and gets a double-turn of their own.
And that’s really all they needed. Nail in the coffin.
The most intact fiendwolves are the ones Gulbryn is dominating.
Steelshod has the rest of them on the backfoot quite badly, dishing out way more damage than they can regenerate.
So it’s basically just mop up at this point.
James and Prudence finish off the leg-shot fiendwolf trying to take out Felix. Zelde finishes off the staggered fiendwolf that wanted a bite of shredded Levin. Snorri and Bear finish off their crowd. Cara goes to Evan’s aid, since Felix is okay.
Cara and Prudence (and Levin, though he is a bit busy being horrifically injured right now) have basic medical skills from Agrippa’s Study Your Agrippa tier, and they move to the most injured people to try to stabilize them. Particularly Levin.
James and Lioness move to Gulbryn’s side, where he has the two dominated fiendwolves locked down.
He is still howling silently at them to keep them in line.
Lioness decapitates one of them, and James slits the other’s throat.
The moment they fall, Gulbryn immediately drops to his knees, gasping for breath and clearly badly drained by what he has just done.
As soon as the fight seemed to end, Cyril scurried across the battlefield
He climbs up the narrow ladder that leads to the platform on the blackened tree, where Partholon was standing before
He goes out to stand on the platform in much the same place Partholon stood before.
Borthul’s finished his spell, and he slams his book shut with an unnaturally loud thud.
The grass throughout much of the grove is dead. Many of the trees look desiccated and unhealthy.
And the wall of brambles and vines falls away entirely.
Some of the Collar of Thorns seem to have left, but most of them have remained in the surrounding groves.
They are all staring into the central grove with shocked looks on their faces.
Zelde looks around at the twenty dead fiendwolves and loudly declares “Now zey are going to need more ant money!”
(A line which absolutely slays me, as I imagine that Zelde sincerely assumes Partholon is paying ants to create fiendwolves for him)
For a long moment, nobody but Zelde says a word.
“My friends of the Collar!” Cyril finally calls out from the platform.
He tells them that they can see the evidence of the treachery their druid has engaged in, sending forth his monsters to attack visitors that came under the protection of guest right.
“It was not treachery,” Partholon says quietly.
He’s standing directly behind Cyril, having stepped out of the shadowed hollow of the tree.
A shadowy hollow that Cyril just climbed through to get out onto the platform, so he knows Partholon was not there a moment ago.
Nevertheless, Cyril takes this in stride. He turns to give the Druid an Fáinne a contemptuous look.
On the contrary, Cyril says. Partholon has violated hospitality indeed. He points to Osion.
“That fellow there, speaking for you, swore that no harm would come to any member of Steelshod—at this party, in the forest, or back at our camp—until we returned to our camp.
“There was no mention of the harm coming specifically at the hands of the Collar. Only mention of harm visited upon us,” Cyril says.
He’s really getting warmed up now, and his voice raises in volume as he declares his next words.
“This word has been broken! Your druid is a liar, a cheat, and has every intention of sending you all to your deaths against a very competent foe. As you can see before you.”
Cyril gestures to the twenty dead.
James is just finishing up slitting the throat of the last fiendwolf. He raises his bloody dagger high, letting the firelight gleam off the blade. He looks at Partholon.
“Looks like we’re both oathbreakers now, Partholon,” he calls out.
Cyril says he does not know what consequences are normal within the Collar of Thorns for such treachery, but he will leave that for them to decide.
But he expects that they will at least honor the agreement for the remainder of the night, and allow them to return home.
Cyril used Razor Tongue here, that lets him get double advantage on a social check (roll thrice, take the best), but in exchange the person he is using this against can be assumed to hate him going forward, and gets to roll anything with advantage against Cyril at any point of their choosing in the future.
For now, though, Cyril’s best of three rolls is a natural 20, and his rant has had its desired impact.
Partholon just gives him an acid look and quietly says “Get off my tree.”
“With pleasure!” Cyril says. He picks up the fine bottle of wine that he brought for Dolan when they first arrived as he leaves.
On the way out he notes Dolan glaring at him, unmoved by the speech.
Though when they get closer to Osion, he at least has the decency to look uncomfortable. He gives Partholon a look of some mixture of embarrassment and awkwardness.
At this point, Cara and Prudence have done the best they can. Cara’s leg and Felix’s foot are bandaged, as is Levin’s face.
Cara gives Osion a glare and tells him to fetch Steelshod’s horses.
She then snaps orders at several other Collar warriors, telling them to hop to it getting the horses and helping Steelshod with their wounded.
Her tone is so commanding, and the mood is so deflated, that the Collars actually hurry to comply with her orders almost without even thinking about it.
Nobody tries to stop them.
Osion’s men gather their horses quickly.
As they do, Osion leans over to Cara, apologizing. He says that Partholon told him to give assurances that the Collar would not attack Steelshod—if he misspoke, or misrepresented the Druid’s words, he’s genuinely sorry.
Cara just gives him a withering look.
She asks if she looks like she gives two shits about a technicality
“Those wolves tried to eat my men,” she snarls.
Osion just looks further embarrassed. Cara tells him he must know this is not going to go well for the Collar.
Osion stands a bit straighter, says he doesn’t know any such thing.
“Going to war with Victoria is stupid enough—they outnumber you hundreds to one,” she says.
“Their fighters are—”
“I’m not talking about their fighters, you fuckin’ idiot,” Cara snaps.
“ The more you push ‘em, the more you slaughter their people, burn their farms, turn their people into trees, it won’t matter how many fighters they have.
“Sooner or later, if you really want to take out Victoria, you’ll be facing the whole city, fool. Close to a hundred thousand people in battle.
“It won’t matter if most of them don’t know more’n which end of the spear to stick you with. You can’t face that many people. It’s not possible.
“Not unless you’ve got damn better magic than Partholon’s shown so far. Wolves aren’t gonna cut it. Branches an’ thorns aren’t gonna cut it. You’ll need more than that.”
Cara frowns. “You’ll need a weapon much worse than any of that. Somethin’ like we used at Lemoncross, maybe.”
Cyril leans over to verify Cara’s claim. He says he was on the other side of that, and saw the weapon himself.
Saw that when Steelshod gets really angry they can deploy a weapon that melts the flesh of men off their bones and into a puddle on the ground.
No exaggeration. Ten thousand soldiers slain at Lemoncross, and many thousands more grievously crippled for life.
Cara nods soberly. “Unless you’ve got a weapon like that,” she says. “You’ll never take Victoria.
“And if you do have a weapon like that…” she adds. “We’ll come for you.”
“Not this group,” she clarifies. “Not a little force of diplomats and scouts, tryin’ to settle things.”
Cara’s voice is low, but it carries past Osion’s ears as she speaks.
“Steelshod proper will come for you,” she says.
“Our commander… the man made of steel, that cannot be killed, will come for you. His right hand, made of fire and smoke, that cannot be stopped, will fucking come for you. Along with fifty thousand trained soldiers from a dozen different kingdoms.”
Osion looks pale, but he frowns stubbornly. “Why aren’t they here now, then?” he asks.
Because they don’t give a shit about you, Osion,” she snarls. “You haven’t earned their notice. You’ve got Victoria’s notice, so they dispatched us. A small group, to solve this problem—you—so that Victoria gets on board with their plan.”
“Because Victoria’s hundred thousand people, and ten thousand soldiers, make up a small—but important—part of what they’re workin’ on.”
Cara seems to be getting progressively more annoyed as she speaks.
“Why the fuck do you think we were seriously considering surrendering this whole affair in exchange for some information on our true enemy? Because he’s that much more important than you, Osion.”
She glances back towards Partholon. “And if your idiot druid knew how to negotiate, it might’ve worked. That information… well, we’d kill for it. No question. But we won’t sacrifice a hundred thousand people for it.”
She shakes her head at Osion. “Get your head our of your arse, man. And convince your people to do the same. Or none of this is gonna end well for any of you.”
With that, Cara storms over to her horse.
Osion and the other men in earshot look uncomfortable. Sobered.
But soon enough they are all mounted up and begin making their way out of the grove.
Osion and his men lead them through the dark forest in uncomfortable silence.
They’re a few hours out, maybe halfway to the edge of the forest, when Osion and his men suddenly go on alert, as if they heard something.
They fan out, looking through the dark forest.
And suddenly Osion and several of his closest men all sight and raise their hands up in a gesture of surrender.
Drengi and the rest of the ulfskennar emerge from the shadows behind them, spears pointed at Osion and his men.
He asks Steelshod if everything is okay.
Cyril grins, says that in some ways it went far better than he could have hoped.
Drengi asks if Gulbryn is alright… Gulbryn raises his hand to get Drengi’s attention, but his throat is too sore to speak.
“We heard a lot of howling,” Drengi says.
Felix says they’ll explain back at the Basin.
Drengi prods the captured Collars, and asks what Cara wants done with them. Did they betray the promise?
Osion gets indignant, says they’re not going to kill them in their own woods.
Drengi arches an eyebrow at this.
“We won’t what?” he says, incredulous. “We kill everybody in their own woods! Is best place to kill people!
“When they are home, comfortable. Lazy. When they ride too far apart and don’t watch close enough, and we ambush them. How stupid are you?”
“Fairly,” Cyril answers the question for Osion.
“How’d you get this far into our forest anyway?” Osion asks, annoyed.
Drengi grins. “Because you were all at party,” he says. “We scout these woods. We know them, now. They’re our woods now.”
Osion frowns. Drengi lifts his spear from where it was pressed close, and nods towards the darkness. “Go,” he says.
Osion and his laochra quickly ride away the moment the ulfskennar let them.
Once they’re out of the forest, Drengi quietly lets Steelshod know that his boasts to Osion were mostly bullshit.
They’ve scouted the North Forest pretty well, and they feel they have a rough lay of the land—they’re confident they can find their way through the forest now, at least
Find major landmarks, find those groves.
But these forests are huge
It would take months to learn all their secrets.
Still, it was satisfying to scare the shit out of Osion and his men.
That done, they continue riding back to the Basin.
They get back an hour or two before dawn, and hurriedly get Agrippa woken up to see to their wounds.
“Oh, so it was a trap then? What a surprise!” Agrippa declares sarcastically.
He begins seeing to the wounded, especially Levin.
In the end, Levin’s wounds are not mortal. But they are awful.
His face is shredded. His lips, nose, cheeks, and chin all torn through with huge slashes.
Talking is impossible during his recovery, and may be impaired long term.
… Couldn’t have happened to a better guy, honestly.
I give him the permanent injury of Shredded Face: disadvantage to positive social checks and advantage to negative social checks, because of his gruesome appearance.
And for now at least, he’s got a critical injury to heal as well. But the permanent aspect will remain regardless.
Agrippa does what he can to mitigate it and some of the other injuries scattered through the team
His ability to treat them is hampered by it having been so long since they were injured, but he rolls a natural 20 on his Miracle Worker check so I go ahead and let him downgrade a few injuries in their severity, including Levin.
Once again, I’m happy that I long ago decided Miracle Worker does not negate permanent injury consequences, it just accelerates recovery of the active injury.
So Levin’s shredded face is what it is.
They fill each other in on what’s happened.
Drengi is impressed with what Gulbryn managed to do, though he can’t ask about it yet, since Gulbryn’s throat is hoarse and badly worn out.
Prudence tells Cyril that she dumped a bunch of the poison he gave her into the drinks at Dolan’s table—unlikely to kill anyone at those doses, but it could lead to Dolan and his closest warriors feeling like hammered shit for the next few days.
When she hears about this, Cara hopes that perhaps some of them will think they are cursed for breaking hospitality.
Though she doubts anything will sway Dolan or Partholon.
If there’s one thing they’ve realized by now, it’s that there is absolutely no way this conflict ends until Partholon dies for good.
This was a ridiculously intense fight sequence. It’s been a long time since I bothered injecting so many mechanics into a fight scene, but so much of the flow of this fight was entirely dictated by those mechanics. Hopefully it was enjoyable.
And with that, we’re basically caught up again. Hopefully we will meet next weekend and another post can follow a bit after that.
I have gone ahead and uploaded two MVPs from this battle, by the way. I now present Gulbryn and Snorri! These two alone did a huge amount to turn the tide. They both ended up with injuries for their troubles, but nothing they can’t handle.
Also, I wanted to mention that the fiendwolves are not all exactly equal. Afric was a slightly higher tier version compared to the twenty they faced here. Not a lot better, but a little. There are like six different versions of them, each slightly more dangerous than the last.
As Steelshod fights them more, the fiendwolves' strengths and weaknesses become more apparent. They generally lack protection, though they have a lot of hit points and they regenerate each round. They also hit insanely hard. They work good as skirmishers, getting in and then dipping out to heal up… so honestly Partholon hasn’t really deployed them in the most optimal way yet. Maybe he underestimated Steelshod. If so, I feel like he’s got to figure out pretty soon that this is a bad move.
Alright, that’ll do for now. Until next time, stay safe and healthy out there folks.
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2020.09.21 01:38 randallweinsteingi Follow up $VALE DD and addressing concerns

Follow up $VALE DD and addressing concerns
MESSAGE FOR MODS**:** I got approval via modmail to post on a friends account because my main account is suspended on reddit for 3 days because I said “f*ggot” in a private message...
  • Play 10/2 $11.50c for battery day speculation
  • Play 3/19/21 $12.00c for long term Q4/Q1 ER
  • VALE only fell 0.69% on Friday (page 9)
Posting from my friends account because my account was banned for using “f*ggot” in a private reddit dm… Mods please leave this up for transparency, I promised basically everyone playing $VALE I would update on Sunday. - u/ExtraEgg
Even though we all know some of the most profane language lives in wallstreetbets
To be clear, the initial post was in no way promising a Tesla x Vale collab on battery day. The purpose of the post was to gather information and speculation about a potential EXPLOSIVE DREAM SHAKER options play.
First I would like to address the naysayers and conspiracies that have arised in the wake of a frustrating quad witching/bloody/currency fluctuating trading day.
Multiple People
For full transparency, the DD post was written by me, however three of my trading friends kept sending me links and DD that they were finding. So while there is some truth to your statement, it is nowhere near as sinister as imagined.
“The Awards”
I have no idea why people dump money on awards. Personally I think it is gay and I would rather put that money in a VALE yolo. When the post initially went live, all was well and it was on it’s way to being #1. People were praising me as “DD god” and the comments piling in. About 6 hours after the post went live, it started to get “lost” behind other satire posts and low quality content. I was confused as to why because the post seemed like it was getting a lot of traction and appreciation. (97% upvote ratio) My theory is that somehow it was being pushed down. I have no evidence for this claim but this could explain the crazy award to like ratio.
“Boofin on Vyvanse”
Can confirm this is accurate. The smoke on the west coast makes going outside very uncomfortable (coming from someone who doesn’t like huddling indoors) I decided to start writing the DD at 1am. Wrote an outline. Woke up for the market open, spent 16 hours writing it and not trading. Read over it and then decided to post the next day.
u/nanaboostme has been my biggest follower since I posted the $VALE DD. He/She believes that I am the “elaborate RKT post”.
  • At the time of RKT chatter, I was working overtime and had no time to play options. I never even saw the RKT post.
  • Never once have I traded RKT or even had it on my watchlist
  • u/nanaboostme has no evidence to support his claim. Unless we are doing guilty until proven innocent in WSB, I do not think I need to say more.
Video of me doing a flip in the rain
“Unprofitable Theta Gang Ploy”
Since the inception of the VALE DD post, the day of, NO new contracts in the 9/25 chain have been opened. O/I stayed at 2863 and volume was some outrageous 30,000-40,000. Selling theta on those would have granted you a whopping 0.0083% return before option fees. My portfolio also shows I have no short calls.
PRPL Vibes
I am aware that there are legitimate pump and dump schemes that pass through wallstreetbets quarterly. I usually do not buy into DD posts. It's not my style. It can work very well though as seen with VALE on 9/17/2020. In fact I was the one who called Tanker gangs bluff, they had run too hard into ER and it was so predictable The post has since been deleted but I commented my take on it and got downvoted to earth's core.
“When they send pumpers, they’re not sending their best, folks”
u/CHAINSAW_VASECTOMY warns “be careful who you take “advice” from”. My post is educational and entertaining. No where in the post did I rush readers to BUY IN QUICK or to ACT FAST. I even had a disclaimer at the bottom:
“ disclaimer: none of this is financial advice, this is for educational and entertainment purposes only. nothing in this post should be construed as financial advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any sort of security or investment.”
Why did u/CHAINSAW_VASECTOMY post this?
The night of 9/17/20, I wanted to create humor around the culture of $VALE GANG, so I made a video post titled “$VALE GANG TRAILER”. This was shadowbanned from the subreddit and was only viewable if you had a direct link. :/
I end up deleting the post and telling my friend to post it. Everyone is loving it, tons of feedback, medals, upvotes. WSB comradery was at an all time high.
Then suddenly we notice the post is not available on the Top, Hot, sort by new. Nowhere to be found. A couple minutes later it was outright deleted. I message a couple mods, no response. My friend who posted $VALE GANG TRAILER got banned from wallstreetbets.
Quote a fallen soldier
"On the pinned “advice” post, Mods heavily implied with only omission of name that Vale was a pump and dump and attacked my credibility and motives, when pressed in the comments they backtracked. Saying that my post was well made and they had no issues with it, however this is not true. I was shadow banned for my post and refused explanation from mods at all."From this youtube video
Then u/CHAINSAW_VASECTOMY posts his pinned post about being wary with “advice”. I get to respond once in the comments. A couple minutes later u/CHAINSAW_VASECTOMY responds and locks the post. This was the start of the chaos.
Also, the VALE DD post was buried as well, bad algo? Or jealous mods? Only assuming because the conversation was cut short.

Video not on hot(videos were being (fucky) Video not on day top
“He’s a Fraud!”
After u/CHAINSAW_VASECTOMY’s post went live, I was bombarded with naysayers and angry individuals. No, I am not selling you those dirt cheap contracts. No, I am not working for Goldman Sachs. No, I am not using WSB to bring volume into an options chain. One of my main reasons for entry in $VALE was the unusual activity coming from whales.
The 1/15/21 chain was especially flooded with whale volume. I will explain the updated whale activity down below in the DD. I am still holding my positions and do not need WSB to pump my contracts. I’m relying on a price action movement to bring intrinsic value into my contract. I’M NOT FUCKING SELLING!
Shifting burden of persuasion
When I am accused of shilling/pumping/being an outsidepumping/baiting/selling contracts to buyers, the need for evidence or fact is absent. There is no evidence that indicates I was intentionally posting the DD with sinister motives. However, now that I am on my heels with no factual claims being made, I have to rewrite the constitution to prove my innocence. If a Mod wants to remove/shadowban, ideally they must have some evidence in order to do so. Otherwise their range of power is larger than acceptable. They could ban or not ban anything without justification or evidence. If abused this is a very dangerous system of management. The Mods shift the burden of persuasion on the author who is banned from the subreddit and has no platform to preach. Technically what I am doing is against WSB rules. Posting on an alt account if your main is banned. I had to deliver though, too many eager eyes waiting for this follow up. To conclude, WSB ban policy needs to be reworked.
If my credibility is restored, continue to read the updated DD
What was missed in first post
A theory was floating around that the $5 billion in debt that VALE paid off, was funded by Tesla. The debt was disbursed in March 2020, during the covid crash. $2 billion was due by June 2022 and $3 billion was due December 2024. Tesla raised $5 billion capital through shares. Tesla said they intend to use the cash to “strengthen its balance sheet and for general corporate purposes”. That is a pretty broad statement. An analyst from Roth Capital partners said “They will need cash for all the facilities they are building, and new growth initiatives,”(Reuters)
The connection people were making, is that Tesla raised capital to give Vale. Both articles wet public within 24 hours of each other.
Yes but no. After a shoot up in the morning, VALE fell for a couple of reasons
  • Entire Market was bloody
  • Quad witching madness
  • Exchange rate fluctuations
Close price on the brazilian exchange was 61.66/5.3876 =$11.44
This is why after hours, VALE was hanging around 11.44 but now the dip is being bought so it is back up to $11.59. What to take away: Vales down movement today was closer to -0.69%. The rest was currency fluctuation. A little unfortunate but that’s what we get for playing a brazilian rock farm.What were the whales doing?
Today from market open until 9:55, ALL the FlowAlgo was bullish

The whales were also buying into the 10/16 call contracts HARD. I’m cautiously optimistic. While the Najarian brothers live by following the Smart Money, it seems like it could be a lure.
Whales probably know we love VALE and they saw the 10/16 chain was empty, so they got in and are going to price fix it now, like how you would price fix the market in FIFA Ultimate Team.
10/16 also does not cover any earnings or special dates, just random.
Today was another high volume day for shares and options.
Volume: 46,142,890
Options volume
While the general sentiment among the options chain is bullish, there was an increase in p/c ratio for O/I
What this means is that the majority of trading was bullish today. Roughly 1 put was traded for every 11 calls. However, the open interest is now showing Roughly 1.17 puts exist for every 1 call. Whether these are “sell to open” puts is another question. The general sentiment in the options chain is still bullish. P/C ratio can be very misleading, going into ERIC Q2, the P/C was 11. That means there were 11 puts for every 1 call. ERIC beat earnings and then gapped up.
My reaction to today’s movement was the following. A perfect day to scare retail traders away,
Friday nerves holding into the weekend combined with a currency fluctuation. Buy low, sell high.
I bought more positions today.

What’s keeping me bullish?
Everything from my initial DD post and some new information is keeping me bullish. VALE is not a meme stock. They are pretty well established and very large, just underlooked by retail. Whales continuing to pile in is keeping me bullish, along with the sneaky upgrades from Thursday and Friday.
GIGA metals is extremely bearish right now, CEO and Execs sold shares at the top and they have been getting beat down for three straight days.
Najarian is very outspoken about his VALE position on CNBC. 2 days in a row he mentioned it. He is both long stock and long calls.

A lot of good information on demand for nickel was in Vale’s presentation
The Nickel demand in 2018 was benchmarked at 38 in comparison to a 260/590 (conservative/upside) by 2025 and 890/1700 by 2030.
Nickel demand for batteries wass 3% of the market in 2017. It is projected to be 37% of the market in 2030.
Vale gives a disclaimer that the variance of range is 50% to the upside and 50% to the conservative side.
This growth alone is reason to long VALE.
WSB comments
Because I am banned, I cannot see the comments anymore. However, their were some interesting comments in the original VALE DD post. Those that I recall are
  • Friend works at VALE, can’t say anything but I am holding a lot of calls
  • Apparently, there was a meeting in toronto between VALE and Tesla
  • Someone said that he orders 70k every month (or year I forgot) from VALE and they are a good company
Interpret how you will, comments could be fake.
Ex Dividend date
Many expressed concern that the ex dividend date would be devastating for the 9/25 calls. This is true, but at the same time if the big news comes out on batteryday/ex date. The price action could plow through ex date. This is also why I have longer expiration calls.
In Tesla’s Q2 earnings call, they mentioned the word “nickel” that alone was enough to get the mining stocks to move up.
If nothing happens
If there is no mention of VALE or nickel on battery day, the stock will be hard to dump because VALE has 5 billion outstanding shares. Compared to LAC, who rallied 10% on Friday, the have 90 million outstanding shares.
“Speedrunning Factorio in real life …”
Factorio’s game description
I rest my case
VALE has potential for explosive movement on 9/22. If nothing happens on 9/22 there is still reason to long the stock and load up on longer expiration calls/leaps and continue to roll.
VALE shares, 9/25 $13.00c, 1/15/21 $12.00c, 3/19/21 $12.00c, 10/2 $11.50c
disclaimer: none of this is financial advice, this is for educational and entertainment purposes only. nothing in this post should be construed as financial advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any sort of security or investment.
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2020.09.20 21:38 Johny_MP Someone stole my body, but I’m no longer alone.

Alright, since the last post I’ve decided to get help. It's been a rough couple of days. Not gonna lie. I think Sophie is the best help I’m going to get... The only help I’m going to get.
Leaving the apartment complex, I roamed the streets for some time. Thinking of what I’ll say to Sophie. To be completely honest I’m not entirely sure she’ll believe me, but a girl has to try right? Really hope she doesn’t pepper spray me again.
On another note; I haven’t eaten! like all day, and my stomach is gurgling loudly, to the point that people are noticing, and giving me weird eyes. It’s extremely weird, because if you were to look at me you’ll probably think to yourself that I never have missed a meal in my life.
I’m currently typing this while inside a Krispy Kreme. The smell of the fresh donut and early coffee- make me salivate. All that sugar and fat can’t be good for you. My body however, was a temple. But given that this isn’t my body, I’ll indulge. I bought a pink covered glaze, sprinkle doughnut, with whatever change I had left… holy fuck was that good. I haven’t eaten delicious treats like these in years. And looking at my current body you’d think I’m joking, but I’m not.
What would make this better is if I had enough money for a small coffee. I could use the boost. As I savored the moment, chewing slowly unsure of when my next meal would be or rather when it will be. These two girls walked in. Sitting two rows in front of me, giggling and smiling. I wouldn’t pay them anything attention, until they said my name. Apparently I’m the hot gossip.
“Hey, have you heard about this girl named, Stella Muir?” Said one of the girls.
“ No, who’s that?” Her friend replied.
“How have you not heard,” she giggled. “Okay, so this girl, named Stella Muir. Is posting rants about, how men are vulture, you know like all they want is one thing and it’s fucking disgusting.”
“Like what?”
“She claimed that her boyfriend, this guy named Randall, sexually abused her while she was drunk. I’ve heard stories of the guy, and he’s a real sweetheart from what people say.”
She’s right, Randall is a sweetheart, and he would never do anything to harm me. Kathys is making false allegations towards my man. “ Oh, what kind of person would do that?”
“It’s like we know you want attention, you don’t need to do that to get it.” The girls giggled and drank their morning coffee.
I stormed out, with a thunder in my step. “Damn it.” I thought, what does she think she’s doing, this isn’t a game. It’s my life she’s fucking with. I searched up my Facebook, and Twitter, and instagram. All of which had posts, some recent others a couple hours. On Facebook she… she posted something awful of my dad.
“To my late father,” he died three years ago, from cancer. “I am truly grateful that you longer live among us. You were a disgusting person, a manipulator. Who constantly, and secretly abuses me. I hope you rot in hell.” The comments from that post were devastating, my family never wants to see me again, I’ve been disowned. My mother replied on this post and- well let’s just say I’m no longer invited to thanksgiving this year.
Recovering from this is going to be difficult, but I have to try right? Clear my name and all that, I just need someone on my side. Really hope Sophie hears me out. I’ll update soon guys.
Okay, a few hours have gone by since Kathy's post about my late father. I’m currently at the park. The reason for me being here is that Sophie runs along a trail in the park every Saturday. I’m nervous as to what I’ll say. ‘Hey Sof, it’s me. Please don’t call the cop.’ A few minutes later she came.
She wore her running outfit; a sports bar with black shorts, her hair tied up and she had her headphones on. Using a nearby tree to stretch, as I snuck behind her, she sprinted. And so I ran after her.
Trying to catch up to her as she ran proved difficult as I’m not in the most athletic body. Would it hurt to dial it back on the food, Kathy. I’m sorry for the crude jokes, it’s just- I guess I’m processing all of this. Anyways, as I ran after her; the lungs in my body almost collapsed from the sheer exhaustion and the presumably strain lifestyle Kathy had chosen.
She stood about twenty feet from me, I called her name, but she couldn’t hear me due to her headphones. Slowly I crept behind her and tapped her shoulder. She turned to face me and as she looked her eyes a gap between horror and the realization of a potentially dangerous crazy lunatic who thinks she’s Stella Muir.
“No” she whispered, “No! Get away.” She said more loudly reaching into her pockets.
“Sophie,” I said, easing back, with my hands up. “Please, hear me out. I’m Stella. It’s hard to explain, but it’s me!”
“Oh, yeah totally. Stella is a new freaking body”
“Well- this is somewhat explainable… just hear me out okay. I’ll- I’ll tell you something only I know. Only Stella knows.”
The brief tension around us shortened, and I was afraid that it would rise again. But I took this time to explain.
“We met in highschool. We were in the same homeroom, our advisory teacher was Mrs. Gil.-”
“Okay and? You could've just searched that up in the yearbook.”
“Please, just let me finish. One day we went to a party. Kyle threw it, I think… No I’m sure! You and I needed to use the bathroom and we went to find it and accidentally opened Kyles' parent room. Do you remember what we saw?”
Sophie appears puzzled, but not of confusion, but realization. “We didn’t know Kyle mom was home. She was having a blast of a time with Tommy the little Hmong kid. We never told anyone. I don’t why? Maybe because he finally found someone who didn’t find him irritating.
“I- How? How can you know that?”
“Because it’s me. We’re besties, you have a dog named, Lindsay. You became a vegan for all of two days because deep down you're a meat eater. You think cold play is still relevant… and you are my friend, so please believe me.
“I don’t exactly know how, or why. But I do know who. Can we sit. I’m tired.”
Sitting down, on a bench we spoke, and I could tell Sophie was still hesitant to my claims that I was who I said I am. Having her next to me was nice, I’m not alone anymore.
“So... You’re different.” She said, “ Yeah, that's one way of putting it.”
“You have no idea how this happened?”
“Not a clue. However I do know who did it. Kathy Huff. This is her body. Do you remember her?”
“Vaguely. Wait, was she the one who sat alone, at lunch.”
“Yep, that’s her.”
“Huh, And she did this to you, why?”
“I’m not entirely sure just yet, but when I find her I’ll make her talk. Right now I need your help. I need a place to stay and I’m starving, believe it or not. Can we talk in our dorm?”
“About that… I reported you to campus security.”
“Really- look I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you. This is a Freaky Friday situation you’re dealing with. We can rent a room. I’m sure there’s a motel around here.”
Sophie looked up a motel, Not going to name the one she found. Don’t want you guys finding me. Don’t want her finding me. As much as I want to find her I think it’s best if I’m the one seeking, who knows what she’s capable of. And I need the element of surprise.
Shopie drove us to the motel, and I took this time to explain everything, from the moment I woke up in that crummy apartment building, to now. I don’t think she understands, then again neither do I, it sorta funny thought. The way Sophie looks at me. I can tell she’s weirded out by this. Seeing your friend in a completely different body is something you normally don’t see. It's like an episode of Black mirror.
“So- hi I know this is strange.”
“Yeah that’s a word for it.”
“Have you talked to me. The other me, the fake me.”
“ I did, we had a tiff.”
“I don’t know, it was out of the blue, I wasn’t the only one. You probably haven’t heard this but people think you're a bitch, like a speak to your manager bitch.”
“She’s trying to ruin my life.”
“Why? What did you do.”
“Nothing. I mean I never bullied her like the others.”
“Well. She picked the wrong one. We’re going to get your body back. Trust me.”
“You said I had a tiff with some of our friends about what exactly happened.”
“It’s a long list but after you called me. the fake you. Said some color words not very PC and shit. Also they got into a fight with Marcy, you punch her in the face.”
“Yeah. You know after you come into the dorm and freak me out. I called you. You sounded brazen, not in a good way. Like you didn’t care anymore. It didn’t sound like you.
We stopped at a red light, peering out the window I spotted a café, my stomach once again made the noise of an erupting volcano. “You hungry?” Sophie said, “ Very.” Entering the cafe Sophie told me to pick anything I wanted to eat, and so I did; ordering four sandwiches, one soup, a drizzle cake and a salad, for good measure. She only ordered the salad, the total came up to 56.34$ which I offered to pay her back once I got my body back.
Seeing her face as I demolish the food in front of me. Was embarrassing as she never really thought of me pigging out. However doing so felt amazing. The taste of it all was scrumptious. By the end I had crumbs on my shirt and pants and my belly had become slightly larger. I offer Sophie a slice of the drizzle cake handing her a spoon, she takes a piece and mediately drops it. “Oh, crap! Sophie, this has peanuts in it.”
“Oh, fuck.”
“Breathe okay, do you have your pen.”
“Shit, I’m calling the ambulance.” As Sophie dail I stopped her, “wait.”
“I’m fine, ha, I’m fucking fine. Kathy isn’t allergic.”
“She isn’t allergic, but I am… my real body of course. Maybe we can use this.”
“How exactly.”
“I don’t know yet, but we should take this cake with us.”
“You scared the shit out of me!” She giggled, after that ordeal we spent some time at the cafe, just talking. It felt normal, if only for a brief moment. Once we finished we went to the motel, it wasn’t a five star by any means but it’ll work. I finally got the chance to shower, as I did Sophie went back to the sorority to get some belongings.
A part of me wanted to tell her to bring my clothes, but they sure as hell ain’t going to fit. She’s going to buy me some larger clothes.
In the shower I felt weird seeing the nude body of Kathy Huff. It's not to say she isn’t beautiful, it's not what I’m implying, it's more like a stranger observation. Peeking through someone's eyes, feeling the water hit their skins as if it was my own, every drop.
Looking in the mirror never felt weirder, I know it's a common cliche you look in the mirror and don’t see yourself. I think for me it’s a bit different.
After an hour Sophie came back, with fresh clothes, a phone charger. Because my phone was about to die typing this, and food. “Though you might be hungry again.” Trying not to take that as an insult… I ate the food she brought. As I was eating Sophie told me she ran into Alex. She’s a friend of our and apparently Kathy was looking for Sophie. “She was at our dorm, Stella, and she was looking for me. I’m scared shitless.”
“Why is she looking for you?”
“I don’t know.”
“Maybe she's trying to get an edge on you, figure you out. Ruin your life like she’s doing to me.”
“What are you saying, she’s going to swap bodies with me?”
“Maybe- I don’t know. Hell I don’t even know how this is possible.”
“God this is just freaky. I’m just glad you’re here, I’m longer lonely.” Sophie chuckled, “I’m here for you, no matter what body you are in.”
“Thanks.” We smiled like we’ve done before, and although it felt strange, there was a glimmer of reassurance.“Hey, Sophie. I found a clue as to where Kathy may be, or at least where she may have gotten the… tools to pull this off. It’s at a house, I think it’s her grandma's house.” By this point I had already shown Shopie the pictures of the shed, and of the ominous claw. Thankfully she’s decided to join me. I don’t know what we’re going to find. If anything at all, but it’s a start.
Someone stole my body, and I know who.
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2020.09.20 20:23 JimmehWho Question about Dates Function / Format

Hello all!
I am working on a budgeting sheet and wanted to be able to update the first date in row 2 and the following 3 rows will auto update by adding one week to them.

Today 9/20/2020 in row 2
9/27/2020 in row 3 =TODAY()+7
10/4/2020 in row 4 =TODAY()+14
10/11/2020 in row 5 =TODAY()+21
Is there any way to do this other than adding 7, 14 and 21 to the following cells?

Picture might help?

Thanks you for any ideas in advance!
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2020.09.20 19:25 MissLauralot How r/Minecraft arranges their hotbars (2020)

I made the first version of this post at the end of last year and have updated it. I've now got 275 responses (including the original 134).

Table and graph of the most popular items

The other rows of the table are how many times each item appeared. For example, 23 out of 275 (8%) had more than one pickaxe in their hotbar. The following items were only reported once: Chestplate, Elytra, Ladders, Pufferfish. A couple of notes:

By Slot

Here is how often slot was (reportedly) filled with something and how many different items appeared in each slot (overall).
Slot 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Offhand
Filled 99% 99% 98% 93% 80% 61% 52% 60% 68% 23%
Unique 15 15 16 13 20 21 24 18 21 6
Most popular item for each slot
Most popular slot for each item
Lastly, here are some more graphs on how people arrange things:

Sword & Pick

'Right' means one or both are in the right side of the bar, with people likely using their mouse wheel to go from 1 to 9.

Axes & Shovels

I split 'Neither' into 'Tool' and 'None' since 'Tool' could mean one of these.


Axes weren't included but would be used by some as a weapon. Out of the six people without a Sword, three had an Axe in slot 1, one had an unspecified weapon in 1 and the other two also had a nearby Axe.

Changes from last time

Note again that the previously included responses remain in this dataset. The largest increases are:
Axes, Shovels, Torches and Shields each fell a couple of %.
submitted by MissLauralot to u/MissLauralot [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 18:29 Cyoycfot Some location ideas that I had

Some of the locations were taken from this post:
Silent Summit
A tall mountain with a large ancient Asian building near the summit
Withered Willows
An abandoned town where all of the buildings are in ruins
Valley Vineyard
Located underneath a mountain. Consists of a large vineyard, a house and an Italian restaurant
Restaurant Row
Basically a buffed-up version of Greasy Grove, there are no houses located here and only restaurants (Not fast food restaurants, sit-down restaurants)
Queasy Quarry
An old, abandoned stone quarry
Ginger Grove
An updated Holly Hedges where all of the houses (And the garden store) are giant gingerbread houses
The Hilltops
A large U-shaped mansion sitting atop a tall hill with an 18-hole golf course in the backyard
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2020.09.20 16:10 Ciarwyn 29 [M4R] London, UK - Golden Retriever impersonator seeks vodka enthusiasts for bell ringing antics

I miss normality to be honest. Everyone talks about how they miss going to the pub, seeing the streets abuzz with people or being able to check out different shows or museums without issue but I miss the normality of a routine. If you were to ask me in 2019 I'd most probably grumble about having to wake up early, stuffing myself into a train like a sardine and being stuck in front of a desk making small talk about my weekend plans whilst subconsciously screaming "I don't care Steve, I'm going to spend the weekend in my boxers laughing at re-runs of Frasier". Now though I miss the routine of having to get out of bed and leave the house as it was a way of regulating my life. People would say without law we'd revert to our baser instincts but I disagree, without a routine we start to lose a semblance of our humanity. It took a mere few weeks to go from a well groomed, albeit grumpy, man that smiled at everyone to a grizzly bear impersonator that growls at foxes, wanders my dark hallway in a bushy beard and threadbare gown and no longer believes in the concept of time.
I'd give you a tl;dr as not everyone likes to read a long rant that borders on the ramblings of a madman but I think it would be somewhat insulting to the beating I'm going to subject my keyboard to over the next 20 minutes. What I can say though is that if you're not around my age and don't share the exact same humour as me then most of this isn't going to make a lot of sense. If you're fan of short sentences that get to the point you'll also be out of luck here. Brevity and I don't see eye to eye and as I've paid for the entire keyboard then I'll be using the comma and semi-colon religiously. You can find further examples of my FIRM grasp on reality works here.
I spend the majority of my time reading, I know a lot of people say that and you'll assume I'll probably have a nibble at a novel for 30 minutes before bumbling off happily to do something else but that's sadly not the case, I don't bumble anywhere though I have been known on occasions to skip merrily. This pandemic has taught me that I'm apparently quite content with lying upside down off the edge of my bed as long as I'm devouring some sort of novel rich in heartbreak, drama and unrequited loved. I'll of course get up every now and then, rub the sore spot in my back and massage the crick in my neck but 30 seconds later I'm back in the exact same position with the sources of my pain a mystery to me still. I mainly stick to romance books but I often dabble in History as well ranging from a book from the 1950s dealing with the Roman invasion of Britain to the dairy entries of a WW1 ANZAC soldier. I'm not too fussy about the medium either whether it's a dusty novel I found tucked away on the shelf of a dark and murky second hand bookshop or a fan fiction that hasn't been updated since 2005 because the author realised that getting 100 reviews in the space of 2 weeks doesn't actually put food on the table, you may think that quip is based on personal experience but thanks to the EU's "Right to be Forgotten" law you've got no proof.
When I'm not lying uncomfortably on my arm engrossed in the love story between a man and his wife's ghost (I know, right? Terrific concept!) I like to exercise. Now you may be thinking "He must be out at 5am jogging" or "He probably only eats the freshest of veg and fruits to prepare for a marathon" but you couldn't be further from the truth. I'm more the type that will spend half his pay-cheque on lumps of metal so that I can lift at 2am whilst humming along to an Emo song that hasn't been popular since 2007, the rowing machine is there purely to improve the feng shui of the room as cardio is the devil's work. I also love to combine ingredients from a Gousto box cook so where people's image galleries are full of photographs they've taken with friends and family mine is filled with slightly charred meals in decorative bowls for me to spam to my friends.
I dabble in games every now and then, but I seem to have lost that spark that made turning on the PC such an exhilarating task. The irony being that I finally upgraded my rusty war machine to a modern standard before losing nearly all interest in gaming. When I can drag myself away from further ruining my vision by squinting at a bright tablet in a dark room I prefer RPGs or city building games. The Anno series and the off mainstream Final Fantasy games being the few games I haven't learned to hate just yet.
To describe myself physically is no easy task, well it is but I'd prefer to draw the process out and throw in some jokes to make it a more lengthy interesting read. I'm rather tall at...give me a second I can do this, just need to fight the urge to round up...6'2.5. I usually sport a close cut beard but as the only humans I've seen in the past 6 months are either the delivery driver and the postman, with the latter no longer looking me in the eye after the dressing gown mishap of April '20, I've decided to grow it out a tad in what my local newspaper describes as "locals have been reporting BigFoot terrorising neighbourhood cats" fashion. I'm mixed raced, with the races depending on who I'm arguing with at the time in order to get the upper hand but by my humour you should be able to tell that I'm rather British.
Please be either from the UK or at least Europe, I've been down the on-line only LDR path before and have no interest in dragging myself through that again. Whilst I'm happy to take whatever this ends up to be slowly and nurturing trust before we eventually meet up (in late 2032 when Covid-19 is finally eliminated by "Now That's What I Call Covid 20") I'm not interested in on-line only type deals and the greater the distance the more likely that that becomes a reality.
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2020.09.20 04:09 EluminatorTV The PoE Mystery Box Calculator - Hopefully saving you money and pains - hopefully easy to use :)

The Path of Exile Mystery Box Calculator
I made this spreadsheet so you can more easily decide if you want to buy another mystery box or not and how much value you've already gained from your boxes (aka. if you got lucky or not).
How to use it: Click on "File" and create a copy to be able to change entries.
There are two columns you have to customise before using this calculator:
In column B you put in what items you want to draw from the box.
In column C you put in what items you've already gotten from boxes. If you've not opened any box yet, just fill in zeros from C3 all the way to C40.
For each Box you open, update column C accordingly.
e.g If you get a pet, increase the number in column C in the row of the pet by 1.
On the bottom you will see the chance that you will get an item that you still want.
If you want to be efficient - for example you don't mind buying the missing pieces of a set later - then you can look into the advanced section. Column O are the prices that GGG displays for the items in the box. On the very bottom you can see the average point value would get by opening a box. It also shows how much value you've already drawn from boxes on average.
If you don't really agree(or don't want to measure) with GGG's pricing you can set your own prices for each item in the box (how much are you willing to pay for an item if it was in the shop at that the current time). The same values as above will be calculated, but with your prices instead of GGG's. An example: If you would buy the wings for 20$ but not 32$, but agree with all the other prices that GGG displays, just copy column O into L and change the wing price from 320 to 200.
Any feedback to this spreadsheet is very welcome. I will try to update it and expand on its features. Feel free to ask me if you have questions and good luck to all of you.
Stay safe, Eluminator
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2020.09.20 02:30 Tibreaven Dev Update 9-19-20

Dev Update 9-19-20
Welcome colonists, to your dev update for September 19th, 2020.
User Interface
We’ve made more improvements to the design of your future interface, and added work on NPC interfaces for crafting or ordering.
We’ve added UI effects. Health has a draining graphic and there’s a new shot counter to show when a weapon can fire again.
Building Functions
Object placement previews will make building much easier and clear.
Plants are placeable again. Also fixed a fun issue where breaking one plant would destroy an entire row of crops.
Objects can be properly flipped horizontally.
Remember all those vague variables we added? Check out the kind of trouble can cause. Bullet drop, multiple projectiles, and more fun.
Sometimes unexpected results happen, but nothing’s a bug if we make it a feature. Indirect fired weaponry may allow for interesting combat solutions in the future.
Extra Changes
-Hide entire UI debug function added
-NPCs have early professions and criteria for their outfits and mannerisms
-Early cooking/food system in planning
-Missing weapon icons added
-Light offset bug fixed: light now goes in all directions equally unless intended otherwise. This also fixed an issue with how many blocks deep light would penetrate.

Left is old light issue
Social Media
Can’t get enough Outworlder? Itching for the next colony? Try one of our communities and social media platforms!
Outworlder Site:
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Part 61 How to get value from a gridview templatefield ... Edit update Gridview Row in ASP.NET C# Part-2 Actualizar registros desde un GridView en un ASP.NET ASP.NET: How to Manage GridView DataControl In ... - YouTube Editing and updating data in gridview using objectdatasource control - Part 18 Edit update GridView Row in ASP.NET C# Part-1 - YouTube Edit and Update Record in Gridview Asp.Net - YouTube How to bind label control in

Row updating event in gridview ASP.NET - CodeProject

  1. Part 61 How to get value from a gridview templatefield ...
  2. Edit update Gridview Row in ASP.NET C# Part-2
  3. Actualizar registros desde un GridView en un ASP.NET
  4. ASP.NET: How to Manage GridView DataControl In ... - YouTube
  5. Editing and updating data in gridview using objectdatasource control - Part 18
  6. Edit update GridView Row in ASP.NET C# Part-1 - YouTube
  7. Edit and Update Record in Gridview Asp.Net - YouTube
  8. How to bind label control in

Actualizar registros desde un GridView en un ASP.NET. Link for csharp,,, dotnet basics and sql server video tutorial playlists Link for text versio... In this ASP.NET Tutorial we will learn: --How to Edit Row of GridView in ASP.NET c# --How to update row of Gridview in ASP.NET C# --How to Cancel Edit Row of... Bind means , connect label's text with database record . A label control used to display record. For binding label use SqlDataReader class. Keep watch.. Sponsored by DevMountain. Get yourself career ready, check out their website: Don't forget to tell them I sent you. This Video will sho... This Video shows how to Edit and Update record in a GridView in ASP.NET. You can also read the same Article on This is the part-2, In this ASP.NET Tutorial we will learn: --How to Edit Row of GridView in ASP.NET c# --How to update row of Gridview in ASP.NET C# --How to Cancel Edit Row of Gridview in ASP ... Link for all dot net and sql server video tutorial playlists Link for slides, code samples and text version o...